First trailer for time travel movie Welcome To Yesterday

Trailer Simon Brew
18 Dec 2013 - 06:41

Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes serves up a time travel found footage movie in the shape of Welcome To Yesterday. Here's the trailer...

Once known as Almanac, Welcome To Yesterday is a time travel movie that's already having parallels drawn with Josh Trank's Chronicle. We suspect they're far different beasts though, with this one - from producer Michael Bay, no less - sharing the found footage feel with Chronicle, but telling a very different story.

The plot here sees a teenager discover the bits needed to put a time machine together. Duly built. he and his friends ignore the mantra of Doctor Emmett L Brown and start meddling. There are, you will not be surprised to hear, repercussions to this.

Dean Israelite directs, leading a cast of thus far generally unknowns. Welcome To Yesterday is set for release in UK cinemas on February 28th 2014. And here's the first trailer...

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