First trailer for time travel movie Welcome To Yesterday

Trailer Simon Brew 18 Dec 2013 - 06:41

Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes serves up a time travel found footage movie in the shape of Welcome To Yesterday. Here's the trailer...

Once known as Almanac, Welcome To Yesterday is a time travel movie that's already having parallels drawn with Josh Trank's Chronicle. We suspect they're far different beasts though, with this one - from producer Michael Bay, no less - sharing the found footage feel with Chronicle, but telling a very different story.

The plot here sees a teenager discover the bits needed to put a time machine together. Duly built. he and his friends ignore the mantra of Doctor Emmett L Brown and start meddling. There are, you will not be surprised to hear, repercussions to this.

Dean Israelite directs, leading a cast of thus far generally unknowns. Welcome To Yesterday is set for release in UK cinemas on February 28th 2014. And here's the first trailer...

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looks quite sweet

This is why time travel should be left to the professionals with at least a doctorate.

So this is what happens when Michael Bay gets stoned watching a double bill of 'Primer' and 'The Butterfly Effect'.

If so, he should do it more often. This looks pretty good to me.

Here! Here!

I said that when the Pain & Gain trailer was released.

Look what happened.

just about to say its primer with a bigger budget

I like time travel movies but most fail as they all ignore the rules of time travel!! This is why Looper infuriates me so much

Any chance I can go back in time and get my 2:36 back watching this crap?

I love a time travel movie. Hopefully if The Bay hasn't had too much involvement, this could be good.

Time travel is impossible. Therefore the "rules" can be ignored.

Is it just me, or are trailers way too spoilery these days?

Found footage movie? If so... skip. Also, one can not travel back in his/her own timeline. You would already be there. So how can that guy do his exam again?
Also, no DeLorian.

@Sean "Also, one can not travel back in his/her own timeline, You would already be there". What do you mean "your own timeline" ?
I think that one can travel back in time at any time because it has already happened to the one traveling, but that one can not go forward because it has not yet happened to the one traveling, unless as stated, one has gone back in time already.
But that may not be completely true.
I once had a dream of walking along this road with restaurants on both sides holding two children, a boy and a girl, one on each hand. We were shopping.
Then about 10-15 years later, i was doing exactly that, there were my children, twins, and in the moment where i got to the exact place in front of this shop as in in the dream, boom, the whole dream came flooding back to me, much more than i could remember before, and i knew then that the dream was surely a projection of me in the future. So it seems that we may well be able to "inhabit" ourselves in the future.
I love thinking about time travel, it is mind blowing, and that literally.

I thought the same thing. Surely that trailer is the whole film condensed into two and half minutes... If he doesn't go back to his 7th birthday party to kill all of them then...I'll go back to my 7th birthday and kill myself...saying that though, given the set-up of them altering the past causing havoc in the present - killing themselves at 7 isnt going to solve anything?

Which are the films you can think of that _do_ obey the rules? Did Primer?

I hope they go really far back, preferably to the Yucatan peninsula 5 seconds before the KT extinction event.

actually not so, as its theorised by phsyicists due to you able to go forward in time naturally.
Therefore Physicists have set down some potential logical laws to going back in time such as the "grandfather paradox"

none really i suppose as there are so many theories about it in science, however primer came close and suprisingly enough so did the terminator films (1&2) because they didnt try to tackle it head on

Looks chuffing awful....AWFUL.
Make a film with Adults for god sake....not kids that can't act for toffee...
Bargain bin central for this pile of tripe.
If I'm proven wrong I'll go back in time and re-write this.
If I haven't re-written this by now then I didn't go back in time and re-write this.

I agree the trailer pretty much gave away the ending - although I thought it was more like he had to go back in time to his 7th birthday party to stop himself getting caught on camera, thereby preventing his future self from realising he must travel back in time. Either way, yes trailers show too much these days!!

1. Take a good but unoriginal idea for a movie.
2. Throw in some teenage actors to attract the "young adult" ticket buying audience.
3. ?????
4. Profit?


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