Waterworld remake on the cards?

News Simon Brew
28 Nov 2012 - 07:30

Could a new Waterworld film, or a TV series, be on Syfy's agenda?

Not for the first time, we’re going to say it: some of us here really quite like Waterworld. It’s Mad Max on the ocean, certainly, but there’s still a lot to enjoy about Kevin Reynolds’ big blockbuster adventure (a film that was nowhere near the flop it’s often reported as, and one that Reynolds talked about with us here).

Still, this one’s nonetheless come as something as a surprise, as Forbes is reporting that the movie has appeared on the radar of Syfy. So much so that it’s looking at the rights to Waterworld, with a view to either a new film, or a television series.

Syfy is actively looking to move into feature film development, and Waterworld is a movie that consistently gets good rating whenever the channel airs it. As such, it appears to be one of the projects that Syfy is working on developing. More news on it as we found out more.


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