New director found for the remake of WarGames

News Simon Brew 25 Jun 2014 - 06:24

The WarGames remake is pressing ahead, and The Fault In Our Stars' Ansel Elgort is linked with the lead role...

The planned remake of John Badhams's 80s favourite WarGames is still pressing ahead, with MGM now targeting a new director for the project. Seth Gordon, of Horrible Bosses fame, had originally been earmarked to direct this one (he's since moved onto Uncharted), but it now seems as though Dean Israelite is to get the nod.

Israelite has wrapped on his directorial debut, Project Alamanc, for which hopes seem rather high. MGM is now in negotiations with him for WarGames, which is getting a screenplay rewrite at the moment from Arash Amel (who penned Grace Of Monaco).

A report from The Wrap suggests that Ansel Elgort (The Fault In Our Stars) and Tye Sheridan (Mud) have been linked with taking on the lead role, originally played by Matthew Broderick. Assuming Israelite does sign on to direct, expect the new WarGames to move ahead relatively quickly.

The Wrap.

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This is getting ridiculous now. War games was a Cold War curio from the 1980s that reflected the cultural worries of the time such as Cold War tensions,fear of nuclear Armageddon and the unknown of computer technology. It made sense in its context. A remake set in the 2010s is just silly. Hollywood leave the shelf of 1980s classics on VHS alone and look at the big pile of potentially brilliant scripts that haven't been produced yet.

I agree Erne. There are lots of NEW ideas out there. Hollywood has just got lazy, hoping for a film reboot to be an easy win. They just destroy something that was good all for a quick buck. They don't want to take risks, which is where the smaller film companies come in to their own.

In terms of a story it could actually work. There's lots of tension in the Middle East, Russia, Pakistan, North/South Korea... they have a few choices.

Hackers are also more common now so it would also make the idea more plausible.

However, I am not saying they SHOULD make it. I'm just saying it could easily work in the 10's.

Oh goody gumdrops, another remake/reboot.

I grew up in the 80's along with all these classic films that are being remade today.

But I couldn't care less. They are not destroying anything. The originals are still there, untouched. A remake cannot effect how I feel about a film that was made over 20 yrs ago.

Wargames reboot: a synopsis.

A teenage boy, using software obtained via TOR, joins with a collection of 4Chan members in an attempt to hack the Pentagon's weapon systems. Unfortunately, he mentions this in passing on a telephone call, and having flagged up on an NSA system, he is visited an hour later by a tactical strike team, who "accidentally" kill him while breaching his home.

Roll credits.

Set it in the modern day but with 1960s technology.

You know what at first when they kept making these reboots/remakes etc I wasn't really for it but tbh you're right. If the modern one is rubbish just pop on that old classic and enjoy.

Geez. Why not do a sequel to the original. Ignoring that horrible "War Games: The Dead Code" that came out. They build a bigger WOPR who threatens global destruction unless It can connect with Falken. Because the actor (John Wood) who played Falken is dead, so can Falken be dead, but WOPR doe snot know what "death" is so decides that everyone must die so that it can be with Falken again. David is found and helps to save the day. Hurrah!

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