Duncan Jones signs up for Warcraft movie

News Simon Brew 31 Jan 2013 - 07:07

The long-mooted Warcraft movie is now pressing ahead, with Duncan Jones directing...

Ah, now here's some fine news. A movie based around the Warcraft videogame franchise has been in the works for some time, with at one stage Sam Raimi coming close to directing it, before he headed off to make Oz, The Great And Powerful. There hadn't been much news on Warcraft since, until today in fact. And now we've learned that Moon and Source Code director Duncan Jones has taken the project on.

Followers of Jones' Twitter feed will need no reminding of what an avid gamer he is (we'd love to see the X-COM movie he offered to make for free at one stage!), and he's set to start filming in the autumn, ahead of a release in the blockbuster-rammed year of 2015.

Where this leaves the Ian Fleming biopic that Jones was working on remains unclear. Sky Atlantic and BBC America are partnering on a four-part miniseries about the 007 creator, with Dominic Cooper playing him, but that shouldn't get in the way of a feature-take on Fleming. We presume it's on hold for the time being.

As for Warcraft, it seems a terrific union of director and material. Surely, surely, this is now the film to break the videogame movie curse...

The Hollywood Reporter.

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I dont know, 5 years ago when WoW was at its peak, then maybe it would be a hit. Now though, with subsriptions dwindling, and the game looking more and more dated - and no news on the sequel at all - it may not be as "in the public psyche" as it was before. Plus - live action WoW... it could be dreadful. Remember Dungeons and Dragons?

I'd rather see Jones' talents used else where, for example, a superhero film or a big budget sci-fi.

Exactly my thoughts.

As a recent convert to WoW (thanks to my partner!) I can see how there's scope for a movie, just like there is for Warhammer. The game is certainly populated with characters but finding a story that hasn't been done to death without it feeling like a replay of the game itself will be tricky.

If anyone can find an angle I'm sure Jones can. Will the plot involve the hero having to do lots of mini quests in order to gain weaponry and armor to take on the big bad? It could work with a pinch of humour.

After the excellent Moon and Source Code this just feels like a waste his talent... Yes I agree with the others big budget sci-fi please!

would have been a good choice for Star Wars (not that i'm not happy with JJ)

May I posit a different approach to a gaming based movie more along the Sci-Fi lines as suggested:

Warhammer 40k!

That is all.

I think South Park pretty much covered Warcraft already.......

Totally agree with the other peeps here. Total waste of his talent, very dissapointed...

A movie based on a vidoegame is "some fine news"?!?

I'm a huge Warhammer fan and I'd love to see a film adatation (Gotrek and Felix: The Movie? I'm in...). The Warhammer world is so grim and bloody, however, that it would never get a high enough rating because of the massive budget it would require. Warcraft, however, seems like it could faithfully survive as PG13.

And I suspect that is what he's avoiding. If he wants to stretch himself creatively Warcraft looks like a good move.

One of my favorite directors!

I can't wait! I loved Dungeons and Dragons; best film ever! Sooo excited about another video game franchise movie!!!!111!!!!

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