Trailer lands for new comedy Walk Of Shame

Trailer Simon Brew 17 Jan 2014 - 06:48

Elizabeth Banks, Patrick Marsden and Gillian Jacobs headline the new comedy, Walk Of Shame. Here's the trailer for it...

Elizabeth Banks is headling a brand new comedy that's coming to cinemas later this year. It's called Walk Of Shame, and Banks plays a television news anchor who finds herself lost after a night out. Cue an eight hour quest to find her way home, in order to land a new job.

The film co-stars Patrick Marsden and Gillian Jacobs , and is scheduled for release in the US in April. Steven Brill - of Mr Deeds and Little Nicky fame - is directing. And here's the first trailer...

The film's not yet appeared on the UK cinema release lists, incidentally.

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This doesn't make any sense.

Why not ask the guy you shacked up with for a lift home?
Why did her boss leave voicemails on HIS phone for her?
Why didn't she go back to his place and use his phone?
Why couldn't she ask ANY policeman to take her home / to the station?
What women leaves her purse in a car?
...and many more.

I'm sure you meant to say James Marsden. Who's Patrick?

Well this looks terrible, and it's another one of those trailers that explains the entire first act of the movie (and most of the second and third acts).

And isn't 'silly blonde woman can't find her way home' just a bit of a sexist concept to base a film on? And all the black characters appear to be criminals? Maybe this trailer just paints a bad picture....or maybe this will be the comedy turkey of 2014.

I didn't realise you'd seen the film.

Why is this called "Walk of SHAME" when a film where guys get drunk and have shenanigans was simply called "The Hangover"? What, it's 2014 and there's still a stigma surrounding women going out and enjoying themselves? Ffs.

I like Elizabeth Banks but yeah, lame. The 'Walk of Shame' just seems to be her running away from black people.

No, it's a universally used phrase referring to a walk home (usually alone) - for both men and women - who have been out all night.

The whole movie in the trailer. Brilliant! Now I don't have to watch it anymore.

Well, that looks crass.

Ah, I had not heard the phrase before. Is it particularly American, or...?

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