Photoshoptastic poster for Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2

Poster Simon Brew 3 Oct 2012 - 09:39

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Photoshop and Taylor Lautner star in the final poster for Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2

Adobe will have one less customer now that the posters for the Twilight movie franchise are done and dusted. Summit Entertainment finally released the last one today, and we're told this is the final movie poster for Twilight ever. Blimey. Well, until the inevitable reboots.

And they do love their Photoshop. Here, then, is the poster for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, with a suitably airbrushed Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, who look like they're in a music video for a Proclaimers song. Plus there are some other people. Plus some wolf-like things. They're all running, too, apart from the bloke on the left. Our observations, with that, are done.

The film is released on 16th November 2012. Here's the poster...

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Is that a rejection shot from the new All Saints ad?

This finale will live forever? What?

Please get Drew Struzan to either a) come out of retirement (preferable) or b) teach somebody else how to do film posters properly.

Haaaa, it's nice to see studios getting their nephews to create posters for them

Gotta love the tagline xD This looks almost like it could be an instruction video about running, for skinny people with no muscle-mass :P

As far as music videos are concerned, I'm thinking Tony Christie "Is This the Way to Amarillo?"

"Now I would walk a thousand miles to see you die an evil death you whore!"

IT brings to mind that line from Hitch hikers guide to the Galaxy where a man survived a long awful poetry reading by knawing his own leg off.

Even for a poster, Kirsten Stewart can only manage an expression of 'boredom' once again.

The only acting ability it seems for these films is to be able to look either bored or confused.

The most awful franchise in living memory.

Thankfully ican say i have avoided all things Twl-shite for a fair few years. I have thankfully never seen any of the movies. Although i do think it's VERY impressive, that as the hype builds with each movie... are their 3 or 4 out now? The production value and quality of the marketing seems to fall, but the money still comes rolling in.
I suppose from their point of view, they don't need to put any form of effort into the quality of their printed advertisements its guaranteed to make big cash anyway (plus they'll probably have a marathon at various cinemas to rake in more money, and a few 'UBER-AWESOME' special edition re-releases (LOTR springs to mind!)).
SO, why would they waste their time/money/effort in making anything quality, i mean... lets be honest guys, the movie's are dyer, they've not put any effort in there, they're hardly going to make a poster that's better than the film?!

What an imaginative and epic poster, really sells it does'nt it. Im sold - def not seeing this one. Gives me even more reason and enthusiasm not to watch any of these films.

Run to the hills with pasted on faces!

I'm amazed that all the coments on here are negative..and it seems that not one of the people posted here have actually seen the films nor read the books, so why on earth take the time and effort to actually click on the link, open the link, look at the poster, then trash it?? DOG has many reviews and many posters for many film genres I don't feel the need to go and see the ones I'm not interested in just so I can trash it!!

I've seen them all - whether I liked them or not is not even up for discussion. My comment has been on something I am actually interested in - the general degradation in quality of film posters over the last few years which, funnily enough, this article is about. Hence my reading it. And commenting on it.

I read the first three and streamed the first movie.

Been trying to get the ten hours that wasted back ever since.

its not exactly a saga is it ???

But there is nothing stopping you from doing so. It is called freedom of speech.

I think the reason a lot of people looked at it was to have a bit of a laugh.

A quintet, maybe?

Between this, the latest Hobbit poster and the posters that went with X-Men: First Class, I'm of the opinion that should I want to see a movie poster, I should look for the Mondo version, which will invariably be better.

I have seen all that are out. I even own some of them. I can trash it all I like

X-Men First Class was a low in film poster history. Also... Such a shame that the fan made Super 8 poster was not adopted by JJ Abrams...

Looks more like an ad for a Topshop fun run than an "epic finale"

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