First trailer for Twilight: Breaking Dawn

Trailer Simon Brew
6 Jun 2011 - 06:54

Arriving this winter is Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1. And we’ve got the very first trailer for it here…

No doubt as wonderfully divisive as ever, the Twilight franchise nonetheless knows is audiences perfectly well. Within a short space of this trailer beginning, Taylor Lautner has his top off, and is running through the rain. Throw in a bit of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart snogging a little later on, and the hint of some violence, and it's pretty much the cocktail most are expecting from the next film.

What makes it more interesting, though, is that the man who's directing is Bill Condon, who made Dreamgirls, and the quite brilliant Gods And Monsters. That's what's got us interested. Take a look at the trailer, meanwhile, and see if it does anything for you.

Twilight: Breaking Dawn arrives on 18th November 2011.

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