First poster lands for Kevin Smith's Tusk

Poster Simon Brew 9 Jul 2014 - 07:02

Ahead of a trailer premiere later this month, here's the poster for Kevin Smith's new movie, Tusk...

With the first trailer set to premiere at Comic-Con later this month, Kevin Smith has released the poster for his next movie ahead of that. The film is Tusk, which stars Justin Long as a journalist who encounters a man by the name of Mr Howe, who just happens to have lots of tales, and a thing for walruses.

Michael Parks takes on the role of Mr Howe, reuniting with Smith after Red State. And whilst we've got no release date for the film yet, it may yet appear in cinemas before the end of the year.

Here's that poster...


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I had completely forgot about Red State. I loved that film.

Hopefully this will be another gem from Smith.

Looks neat.

Well I'm completely none-the-wiser but the plot sounds intriguing. Big fan of Kevin Smith so I'm sure it'll be at least half decent

this looks pretty excellent lets hope it lives up to it

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