Garrett Hedlund returning for TRON 3

News Simon Brew 14 Dec 2012 - 07:19
Tron Legacy

A new TRON film looks like it’s definitely happening, as Garrett Hedlund confirms he’ll be back…

The mooted TRON 3 seemed to burst back into life a week or two ago, with the news that Disney had hired a new screenwriter for the project, and was seemingly putting its foot to the accelerator a little. Jesse Wigutow is set to rework the script for the new TRON movie.

We’ve now also learned that TRON: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski – who’s currently putting the finishing touches to the upcoming Tom Cruise blockbuster Oblivion – will be back behind the camera. And Garrett Hedlund has also now confirmed that he’ll be returning for the new film too. He revealed the news to Next Movie, adding that “Disney’s very excited”. Good to know.

No word yet on a timescale for the project. We’ll let you know as we hear more.

Next Movie.

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To me there are 4 things they can do that will ensure my substantial ass is parked in the cinema seat when this is released:

1. An actual plot this time. For all the excellence on show last time, it was plot light.

2. Keep those visuals coming. Legacy is one of the most beautiful looking films on Blu.

3. Actually use the inevitable 3D properly. The 3D last time was fairly 'meh'. Bring some decent depth of field to those lush vistas. Maybe Kosinski should go watch Pi or Hugo first.

4. Daft Punk .............................. if they're back doing the soundtrack I will explode with excitement. I've never been a massive fan of dance music, but always had time for Daft Punk. But when I heard the soundtrack separately from the film for the first time, I think I actually got choked up. It's just astounding. If you do not have, go get it today. you will not be disappointed.

It would be madness to make this film without Daft Punk. They crafted one of the greatest soundtracks ever for TRON: Legacy

Olivia Wilde or gtfo.

Seriously though, will look forward to this.

So, we've seen the 30-year old Sargasso mainframe. I'd like to see what the modern internet looks like in the Digital World.

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