TRON 3 moving ahead

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6 Dec 2012 - 06:31
Tron: Legacy

Disney pushes another TRON film forward, as a new writer is hired for TRON 3.

Thing have been quiet with regards Disney's plans for a third TRON movie of late, but it seems as though the project is still very much active.

We've known that Joseph Kasinski, who directed TRON: Legacy, was attached to TRON 3 (he's currently working on the film Oblivion, a sci-fi blockbuster starring Tom Cruise due next April), and work had been ongoing on a script.

But according to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney has pressed the accelerator down slightly, and hired Jesse Wigutow to rework the screenplay. He'll take the draft that had been put together by David DiGilio, Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis as a basis.

Disney is pursuing the film "with a renewed interest", the report notes. More on TRON 3 as we hear it.

The Hollywood Reporter.

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