Michael Bay on Transformers 4 and movie critics

News Simon Brew 4 Jul 2014 - 07:40

Director Michael Bays comes out fighting in the face of widespread critical disdain for Transformers: Age Of Extinction

Well on its way to a probable $1bn gross at the worldwide box office is Michael Bay's latest movie, Transformers: Age Of Extinction. It's been the least well critically received of the four Transformers movies to date, but that's having little to no impact on the box office numbers it's stacking up. Few movie franchises see critics and audiences so markedly apart.

Yet Michael Bay, at the Berlin press conference for the film, is not - as you might expect - allowing such things to affect him. "I work as hard as I can and I'm glad that people are liking the movie besides the critics, let's just forget the critics". He added that "the people in the audience are liking the movies - that's what I make movies for".

Furthermore, Bay argued that "I think that they should make it mandatory for reviewers that they sit in the audiences - just be themselves surrounded by a real audience". Bay said that he's seen the film around 25 times with such a crowd, and "they applaud, they laugh, they cheer. I don't know what movie [critics are] reviewing".

You can see the full Berlin press conference here.

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I think the Nostalgia Critic's (Doug Walker) recent Transformers 4 review is the best commentary on the film's success and Michael Bay's attitude.

I took my 10 year old kid cousin to see the second one and couldn't understand who the movie was aimed at. The tone was all off with sex gags a la American Pie and Optimus Prime executing a defeated decepticon with a gunshot to the face. Then of course there were those racist stereotypes Mudflap or whatever, as well as the militaristic and patriotic subtext. What happened to the kids show about robots?

Denial is such a cosy feeling, eh Mr Bay? Your films are rubbish. The fact that millions of people spend millions of hard earned cash piling in to watch them does not make them good. It just makes them popular. But let's face it, popular culture is swamped with garbage.

Bingo. I can't understand why ostensibly normal people living in the 21st century appear to repeatedly cheer and clap at this stuff in their millions. The problem isn't that these films aren't masterpieces or to everyone's taste. The problem isn't that professional reviewers don't find much to like about them. The problem isn't that they're undemanding entertainment. Who cares about those things? The problem is that they contain some really unpleasant and outdated sensibilities and humor. I'm continually amazed that hardly anybody seems able to recognise this, least of all Michael Bay himself.

You are talking about bum review on youtube?

I went with the flow with these films, overlooking certain aspects but after Pain and Gain I have looked at them in a new light. The 2nd and 3rd films are the biggest offenders of bad taste for my mind. Put it this way, as much a super Transformers fan I am, I look foward to these films less and less.

No, that's his other one. He's done a piece "as himself" too.

I can confirm that people did cheer and applaud when the movie finished. They either loved it or were just as happy as I was that it was over

Michael, if I hadn't seen it for free, I would not have watched this garbage, or the last two. You can have a go at the critics as much as you like, but the fact is you have made 4 films identical films (christ they all have the same endings!!) save for the fact that they have gotten progressively worse and devoid of anything approaching entertainment.

And as for what you've done to Optimus 'Kill em all' Prime. Jesus wept!

Yes, they make money, but that's more a sad reflection of the type of people paying to go to the cinema these days than the quality of your film making. You are clearly a good businessman, but you are not a good director of films!

Well, it starts out as a Bum review before the Nostalgia Critic character comes in. It's listed as 'Nostalgia Critic Talks Transformers 4' on his site.

I assume Bay was fanning himself with money and being serviced by some Hollywood studio executive whilst talking this self-deluded nonsense.

I was in the audience for the third film and everyone in there thought it was tripe. Around a third of the people walked out. I wanted to join them but I told myself it'd get better. I was wrong. I won't be going to see the new one.

I know this is going to be a controversial response, but I have to say it. You talk about unpleasant and outdated sensibilities and humour - but the fact is that the vast majority of people in the world haven't moved on from these things, and besides which, it's only the moral highbrow that classify these things as unpleasant and outdated - and I have to say that while I didn't enjoy these things personally, I think it's wrong to judge those that do. The Thought Police are a frightening thing - pressuring people into corners that THEY view as correct but the fact is, as this particular movies take to date shows, people will watch what they choose to - and is that not their right?

Some people don't want anything more than undemanding entertainment. Unemployment is rife, the economy is in a constant state of turmoil, governments are screwing the populous, and "normal" people want to disengage and not HAVE to think for a little while. Clearly there is a very big market for escapist drivel.

in part there are people who like his films, and i for one enjoy his own non-Transformers films. however that being said, the way the Film was hyped i think add to the surge of people going to see, and then the argument between critics and Bay fans has only served to get more people into see what the fuss is.

If 'The Room' was released in cinemas today, there would be people going to watch it just to see if it really is the worst film ever made. It's like rubbernecking a car crash.

I liked the Rock and maybe the first Bad Boys. Armageddon was watchable, but too cheesy for my liking. I can't say I enjoyed anything else of his.

I'm so glad I have DoG commenters to tell me how wrong I am to like these films. To think, if it wasn't for you guys I might actually assume my opinions were valid and that it's OK to like these films like millions of people around the world. Thanks DoG.

However, if you could try a little harder because I am still going to see the new one tomorrow, and I will more than likely enjoy it. That's me and my old sensibilities, outdated humour and sexism for you.

I am not exactly sure which soap box or moral high horse some of you think you are on whereby you assume you can attack people who like these films, and don't support your views. As far as I am concerned, if you don't like the film, don't watch it. You don't be offending me of you don't spend your money to go see the film. However, you will be offending me with your derogatory comments and your "disbelief" that anyone can enjoy what in your eyes is "tripe". You r are entitled to your opinion. You are not entitled to be a d*ck.

BTW, for all of you who have an issue with adult jokes in a kids film, try checking out anything from Peppa Pig to Toy Story. There are adult jokes in there too, because some people actually realise that parents and kids enjoy shows together, and you need a "bit of blue for dads" to coin a peter kay-ism.

Look, I think the series is pretty cruddy indeed. And yeah, there is a comment about the state of the viewing public. But it's hardly the first big spectacle but rubbish film(s) to make some serious dollar, and Bay is always consistant on his disdain for critics over the viewing public. If they keep on throwing vast sums at his films, why is he going to think he needs to start doing things different? Bay is supply and demand.

Awful films. No artistic merit. People are dumb sheep who do what big companies and marketing companies tell them to. Pitchshifter were right.

I think that sometimes reviewers lose sight of what the film they are watching is trying to achieve. You can't compare, for instance a Scorsese thriller to a Marvel action film... The Transformer movies are loud obnoxious monster mash-ups aimed at male children and aren't really meant for adults. The kids seem to enjoy them...

I have to disagree - if these people were sheep, surely they would have avoided the film at all costs, given the sheer amount of negative previews from established critics calling the film awful, and with no artistic merit?

I didn't even pay to see this movie and I wanted my money back. Dinobots were hyped since the first teaser trailer,(the only saving grace, and reason I wanted to see this next installment) 2hrs. and 45min. of my life wasted, only to see these "Dinobots" left for the last 20minutes with No dialogue, No "ME GRIMLOCK" No Nothing, but optimus riding into battle (which the Grimlock that I grew up with would Never allow) I can overlook the paper thin script and storytelling,I can overlook, the shallow acting, I can even overlook the regurgitated orgy of explosions over and over and over again. but when you Michal Bay promote a film Promising Dinobots from the beginning of this movies announcement, and all you deliver is autobots riding into battle on top of some nameless dinosaur robots you just shoehorned in so you can make more money and add 20minutes to an already 2 hr + movie, you sir have missed the mark by a great distance. I just pray the next installment (because you know there will be) Helms a Different, BETTER Director And a different, BETTER screenwriter.

Bang on the money there my friend. The Transformers films arent the best movies ever but they're certainly not as bad as everyone seems to make out. They are what they are. Big dumb movies about transforming alien robots. What do people want from that? Subtext, foreshadowing and subtle monologues? I love em and there is nothing wrong with that. Beer isnt as cultured and complex as wine, but everybody drinks it. This is life.

Where are all these free cinemas that people are going to to see newly released movies for free?

it's called having your friends buy you a ticket because you refuse to give Michael Bay anymore of your hard earned coin lol.

Exactly, if you enjoy 2-3 hours of big spectacle great. If you don't, then don't watch it. I just really dislike what seem like bullying tactics from some people who don't like certain films, and feel they can force their opinions on others.

If we had a Transformers film written by DoG committee, we would have an Optimus Prime introspective segue, maybe a segment of film noir, a big band number where Bumblebee rocks Times Square, and Ratchet giving serious relationship advice to the teenage lead, with no time for any fight scenes or "slo-mo robot jumping over screaming woman" sequences because apparently that's not what a transformers movie is about.

Roll on 24hrs time, I will be sat with a big box of popcorn, a share size pack of revels all for myself, and limited drinks as I don't want to be taking any loo breaks for almost 3 hours.

Well, Bay may not be getting your personal money, but isn't he still getting 2 tickets' worth of money just the same in that case?

Now you're just being mean about everyone else who doesn't agree with you.

And, for the record, you have can have a balance of spectacle and some good introspective moments here and there and good script-writing. 'Pacific Rim' did that quite well, despite the fact that it is actually meant to pay homage to the more campy and over-the-top tropes of monster and mecha films.

No need to get your knickers in a twist because some people dislike Michael Bay's style and express their disdain for the time they feel they wasted. Quite a few people keep going to his films, so there's obviously something there that keeps people coming back.

THIS. You, sir, win the internet today.

I can just hear Mr. Kermode rubbing his hands in glee...

I have no problem with people disliking the film. in fact if someone dislikes it, I won't waste 1 wisp of breath trying to convince them otherwise. I just don't like being told what my problems are because I do like the films. Each to their own, just have a little respect for people who have differing opinions.

BTW, it's interesting you picked up Pacific Rim, because I really wanted to enjoy that film but I found it quite deflating. I think I expected more, and I maybe built myself up too much. I am please you enjoyed it, because I really wanted to. I hope I find Pacific Rim 2 more enjoyable.

Damn... thought there was going to be some free cinema conspiracy I had stumbled on to :)

Even reading a cross between audience reviews and critics, there is little to recommend sitting through another Michael Bay movie. (thanks Empire, Den of Geek, IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes)
However, Michael's movies are great for TV (except Bad Boys 2 which can never be considered great no matter the level of inebriation), to have in the background on a lazy afternoon whilst my attention is focused elsewhere.

When it came to 'Pacific Rim' I went into the cinema with the expectation of just getting a monster vs mecha slugfest and visual spectacle. I wouldn't really say I had 'low' expectations, as I'd already read some positive reviews and got some positive opinions from friends about what 'dumb fun' it was. So I was then ever so pleasantly surprised about the smart touches in the script and story, the extent of the visual spectacle and design and even the smart music.

So I guess preconceptions do make a difference, though, by this point, I'll watch 'Pacific Rim 2', the animated series and perhaps even get the graphic novel on faith alone after having enjoyed the first one. Everything's rather up in the air at this point; I could get disappointed by expecting too much, but I'm pretty sure I'll be entertained.

Pain and Gain was really good aswell

Michael Bays? Is this the Little Britain version, as spoken by Lou from Lou and Andy?

So a film about transforming robots lacks the gravitas of Citizen Kane....who knew! Reviews are opinions, nothing more. Make up your own minds.

I was in such high anticipation for Pacific Rim. I read everything I could, and I loved the article in Total Film written by Del Toro all about his love of the monsters from an early age. It felt like such a passion project, and I built it up to be frikkin awesome. So I think I was a bit disappointed. But that's not to say it isn't a bad film I guess, I just had such high expectations. I haven't watched it again, but maybe I will one day and I will have a greater appreciation for it as I won't be on that anticipation high I had back when it came out.

With T4 I guess I know what to expect, i.e. robots having fights, glossy visuals, beautiful people with not a great deal of character development, a few plot holes etc but I like that, and I expect that, and so I won't be disappointed.

I was with you until you mentioned Revels. Those coffee flavoured ones are foul.

Ah man they are my favourite. I just couldn't work out what that advert was about with the revel Russian roulette. I would gladly go for a majority pack of coffee.

Now malteasers.... as much as I like a nice packet of malteasers, I find the majority of my revel pack is made up of these bubbly little critters. What I need is a standalone pack of coffee revels. You have set me off now.

After I saw 1 i was really dissapointed - i went to see 2 and came out saying i would never see another one! a promise which I have kept so far

I agree. I don't like the films (I think mindless action can be done better for example anything with Arnie in) but I hate seeing comments like "people who like these films are a waste of oxygen". Hate the film but don't hate the people that watch them. Different strokes for different folks.
It's like Spider-man 3 was for me. Genuinely the worst film I've seen in the cinema. But it made loads and some people love it. Now I could spend days slagging off the film and what is wrong with it. But I'd never insult someone for liking it.
Having said that, it would be a pretty lousy film critic that gave the Transformers films a glowing review.

Opinion does not equal fact.
Opinion only counts for the person who voices it.
Critics opinions are worthless to everyone else.
Do you like this sort of film?
Yes? Go and see it.
No? Stay at home.

I dont think that the majority of people that go to see these films read reviews from established critics mate. lol.....I'm pretty sure they just look at the ostentatious marketing posters/trailers and go omg look at the CGI on this baby we have to see this, its got a hot chick in it and marky mark walhberg in it acting all loud and american, and robots and lazers and stuff!... i was in the cinema watching another film when the trailer for this came on, being all dramatic, then it cuts to a part where mark W says, ' i think we've just found a transformer'..me and my friends just burst out laughing

Yeah, but you could say that about a man dressed as a bat in a cape, look how that turned out. Nolan did an awesome job in my humble apinion. The undertone of the films which borrow from films such as heat and the wire served well.

lol, Bay said that he's seen the film around 25 times with such a crowd, and "they applaud, they laugh, they cheer. I don't know what movie [critics are] reviewing".
..I would imagine they do laugh Michael yes, but, since they are propably aware you are in the audience they would be a bit reluctant to boo, you plonker!

Enough said really

It really wasn't.

"The Thought Police" aka the dangerous crazy '68 communist worldwide regime we are living in nowadays in all major countries.
The silly thing is that the real communist regime in China nowadays looks better than the mess the Left Wing did in US/Canada,Europe and Japan.

Chinese people are more liberal than many people from US and Europe bashing Bay movies like a bunch of snobbish talibans.
They can enjoy Bay movies and be pleased by the hard word behind each movie with no nonsense nitpicking and babbling and bashing thinking to be the smartest ones around... and they are chinese loving a US production.
The US too nowadays it's full of people that like talibans think to be special and better and go around on the 'net writing lies against Bay movies.
Most of these people have been trained by and keep following the scam agencies employees paid by competitors studios to bash Michael Bay movies.

A decent professional reviewer is perfectly capable of appreciating the merits of a children's film. The likes of Frozen, Toy Story 3 and Prisoner of Azkaban get as much love from critics as they do from the audience. A film being for children doesn't mean it has to be moronic.

Similarly, critics are willing to heap praise on 'summer blockbuster' fare if the film deserves it. It may be debatable to what extent a Marvel action film can be compared to a Scoresese thriller, but it's not beyond the capabilities of critics to judge a film on its own merits: They loved The Winter Soldier and the new Planet Of The Apes movie is getting giddy reviews. A film can be gloriously entertaining without being moronic.

Den of Geek, which you would imagine are more receptive than the average to genre movies, highlighted the shortcomings of Michael Bay's movie in their review. Are you going to accuse them of being head-up-their-asses film snobs?

Just enjoy it for what it is. No need to get so passionate about saying how much you don't like it so that you feel a little bit more "intellectual" than all the people who are spending money seeing it (just like you did).

If we went and saw it and even, god-forbid, enjoyed it, we aren't mindless sheep or low IQ idiots. We're people who can sit back and enjoy a brainless, flashing lights and loud noises giant robot flick. Some of you people need to wake up to yourselves and thin your brush strokes a little.

I think there's a lot to be said for just appreciating something for what it is.

It's like someone not liking pumpkin soup because it's not vanilla ice cream. Absurd.

The great soap box known as the Internet, maybe?

Like he cares who waks out, they have already paid.


I've never watched these films...and from what I've seen glancing sideways at them on the telly I probably never will.

The last time I heard anybody applaud at the end of a film was Man of Steel, interestingly.

A lot of people like Big Brother. Popularity doesn't make something good. And anyway, of course he's going to say he likes the film. He's still promoting the damn thing.

Actually beer IS more complex then wine dipshit.

Kermode says that Bay has a pornographic sensibility, but even that can be repetitive and boring.

Like you say though, he makes money and lots of it. Lets face it, he'll keep making them as long as that happens.
They're just simple blowing stuff up movies, I don't think for a minute he thinks he's a Hitchcock or Kubrick of this world but he makes more money than they did. It's not right but who cares, as long as great films are out there go see them.

Ahh "the Room"

I think maybe people expect too much from these films. It's not my cup of tea but it's there for those who are into it. And incidentally, with a gross that is fast approaching $1b worldwide, it would seem that somebody out there is into it.

It's one thing to be utterly turned off by a style of filmmaking, it's another thing to take to the web, slate the film, call it crud and decry the director as a hack-fraud. The trailers make it clear what you're going to get.

Michael Bay admits he is to the film industry what Ronald McDonald is to the food industry

He's not in denial. He's in swimming trunks. In his Scrooge McDuck costume. Like a catfish doin the backstroke in the shallow end of a kiddie pool.

Race cars, lasers, AEROPLAAANES, it's a, duck blur!

I've got to disagree with you on your 'Critics opinions are worthless to everyone else' point. If I'm going to shell out the best part of £20 on a trip to the cinema I want to spend it wisely. I like a giant robot movie as much as the next man but if a critic whose opinion I trust says it's not a good example of a giant robot movie then I might decide to see something else that I might enjoy more. Or save it for the next giant robot movie

I'm with you Michael ! Your movies are fun, epic, and give me back my childhood for 2 hours and a half ! F*** the critics !

Well said, Paul.

I always find this 'Dont care what critics say' attitude to be so frustrating.

Critics are not a pack of rabid dogs paid to rip your film to shreds. If you listen to sensible critercism and take on board what they are saying it can help you, and future projects, improve.
Putting your fingers in your ears and going "lalalalala don't care" is just immature.

You hit the nail on the head with "...a critic whose opinion I trust...". If you have one you trust, who is on the same wavelength as you, happy days my friend. However, I haven't been lucky enough to find a critic who matches me. The review on DoG are normally pretty close to how a feel about a film, but I use them as a yard stick mainly. I always like to reserve judgement myself.

My main gripe however is people who leave comments along the lines of "Bay is crap, his films are crap, and anyone who likes his films is a moron". I am not a moron.

Hey, no! Not controversial at all! Thanks for your literate thoughts :) However, I genuinely think that you have misunderstood my comment- probably because I'm no writer, so please do accept my apologies for that!

I didn't suggest that people should not enjoy the right to choose to watch whatever they desire, and I think your comment about The Thought Police is a bit off.
I really agree with your world-view though! My God it's bleak out there, and thank goodness for escapist drivel! I might watch some tonight in fact!

But before I do that, please let me clarify what I was getting at:

My comment wasn't about people's rights. It also wasn't about controling or judging people. My comment asked a question-

Why do many people who watch the Transformers films, and Michael Bay himself, seem unable to recognise that a lot of the humor and sensibilities contained in these films is inappropriate and out of date? Not only that, but why do people in their millions cheer and clap at this stuff?

With all due respect to your own views, and the views of the six people who have upvoted your reply, I have to strongly disagree with your assertion that is it only the moral highbrow that classify these things as unpleasant and outdated.

I was not talking about the sexual and scatalogical humor present in the Transformers films. I don't mind that kind of thing when it's in the right context and is genuinely funny.

I was talking about racism, xenophobia, sexism, objectification, jingoism and cruelty.

It is not, and should not be, only the moral highbrow that identifies such things as unpleasant and outdated and declines to cheer and clap in response to having them battered home with a sledge hammer in a piece of escapist family entertainment.

Anyways, cheers for your thoughts and sorry again if I wasn't clear enough. Have an awesome Friday night :)

This film was utter dogsh*t start to finish. Optimus is now a joke, Grimlock was worse than terrible, I don't know how a functioning human brain is supposed to process this utter colon dust. Never thought I'd want Shia back in anything, but this has brought me too close for comfort.

The film is SO bad, there really is only one thread. I watched it today.

I just came out from watching and the film is actually very good every body in the audience was into laughed cheered and applauded your probably one of those people that liked the amazing spiderman 2

The trailers do not make it remotely clear that you're being duped into paying to have racism, xenophobia, sexism, objectivism, jingoism, militatrism and cruelty battered down your throat with a sledge hammer, or down the throats of the children accompanying you to the cinema. The trailers merely promise cars, robots and explosions in an exciting, action packed family film.

One day Mr Bay will realise he has other settings than "11" and might give his movies, and his audience, moments to breathe.

Spectacle is fine - but when it's tonally the same for 3 hours without a pause for thought, with no texture, it becomes such bombastic overkill you end up numb and come out the auditorium feeling like you've went 10 rounds with a heavyweight boxer.

I don't know what happened to him. Sure he's never been subtle but The Rock and Armageddon had pauses and some form of pacing, reasonable scripts (particularly The Rock) and whilst maybe not masterpiece there was fun to be had.

His other crime, not the only guilty one at all at this, is that close-up hyper-kinetic fast-editing in fight scenes. You have the spectacle of two giant transforming robots smashing the hell out of each other - and all you can see is blurry intercut frames that transfer zero information to the viewer.

The trailer for Transformers IV at least looked like he had dialled back the speed-cutting but I bet he was just lulling me into a false sense of security and, post IMAX viewing on Sunday coming, I will probably come out needing my eyeballs surgically retrieved from inside my skull!

I didn't hate it, because my expectations were realistic. But good lord, it was soooooo long. My son actually sat in my lap, and promptly fell asleep. This is not a joke.

THIS is the problem I have with the Transformers movies. I don't even find them dumb, loud, or confusing to watch. I do, however, find them disgustingly sexist, shallow, and wrong in so many ways. Not only are they completely disrespectful to the original Transformers mythology and fandom, they also have terrible jokes, terrible characters, and basically represent a lot of the things that I would definitely not want my kids watching. Then there we go - they are no longer for kids! Revenge of the Fallen was by far the worst in this capacity. Can't wait for Michael Bay to go and do something else, and in several years' time, have a better filmmaker at the helm giving us true Transformers movies, from the cheesy, geeky heart.

I have to give due credit, though, where it is due - to the amazing ILM team who bring the Transformers to life. They're the only ones I have respect for in the entire sodding enterprise.

Michael Bay is a terrible hack-fraud. He's a no-talent narcissist and should never be allowed near a film/video camera again. Who cares if he give the people "what they want". The people are stupid, need to be saved from themselves and forced to grow up and patronize good films. Who ever would be proud of making TRASH for the least intelligent lowest common denominator audience? Michael Bay - THAT's WHO!

Garbage that idolizes murdering, meathead jock extortionists in an attempt to empathize with them and the despicable, ACTUAL - APPALLING CRIMEs they perpetrated on innocent people out of their own envy and greed. YEAH - SO GOOD! Grow up you juvenile twerp.

Yeah awesome write an infantile post telling me to grow up, I guess you think irony describes things made of iron.

You can like a film without having to justify the characters actions or empathise with them.

I assume your broken moral compass also means that films such as Alpha Dog, American Gangster, The Wolf of Wall Street, Blow, Goodfellas and Monster are also "Garbage that idolizes murdering" and "attempt('s) to empathize with them and the despicable, ACTUAL - APPALLING CRIMEs they perpetrated"

Take your childish moralistic crap elsewhere and maybe come back when you have more than half a clue.

okay really good was an exaggeration I should have said pretty good

The Pacific Rim trailers sold me on it. I really wanted to see the action sequences from the trailers on the big screen. That and I had just finished binge watching the entire Luther series a few weeks before...

then what?

Is this the same guy who spent a lot of the publicity time for Transformers 3, labelling Transformers 2 as "crap"? I don't know what to believe any more...

People saying "What do yo expect from a movie about robots? Depth? Character development? Morals? etc" can gladly eat my shorts. The Transformers movies could be great but they have Bay dumbing them down and sexing them up so he can appeal to little boys. Robot films can have depth, character development and so on, all you need to do is look at The Iron Giant, Short Circuit, Wall-e, (the list goes on) all kids films but with more depth and substance than any of the live action Transformers flms.

From the looks of any of Bays films, he is the type of person who judges a book by it's cover. He likes things to look pretty and doesn't care about the content inside.

He's the McDonald's of the movie industry. He serves up horrible processed rubbish because it makes money. He doesn't really want to give a crap about anything else.. and when he tries, he winds up with a salad that has more calories than a burger.

Allow me to sum up the essential problem for both movies and the future of humanity: STUPID IS EASIER THAN CLEVER

If true i can only but agree: truly one of the worst movies I've ever seen, easily in my top five most horrific film experiences. Wasn't too keen on 1 either. 3 Was at least a little more coherent but as Jimmy Carr once said: You can't polish a turd...but you CAN roll it in glitter.

Some people love spider-man 3? Like, for real?

I struggle to believe it too. But there was even an article on this very website not so long ago defending it. I dunno, each to their own. Maybe some people just really wanted their two loves in life, Saturday Night Fever and comic books, to finally be combined in one (terrible) movie.

Why is it acceptable to ignore the flaws when it suits you. I can't understand why "turn your brain off" is a reasonable argument to make because by that logic batman and robin should be watched with the mindset of "dumb fun".

Michael Bay sat in a theater screening of Transformers 4 and they were all laughing and cheering during the movie.Then 3 hours later the movie was over and the audience were taken back to the mental institution.

For me it's the junk food of the movie world. Popular people pleasers without enough substance or nutrition. Basically I see Bay the same as the best Chef at McDonald's.

He has a point unfortunately. We are in an era where the gap between reviewers expectations and the movie going public has never been wider. Your average movie goer cares not for subtlety, invention and style but prefers in your face CGI fests that stimulate only the most superficial parts of the brain. Modern attention spans seem unable to distinguish between a well made blockbuster such as The Winter Soldier and a heartless, cynical techno-nightmare such as Age of Extinction. Bay is merely giving them what they want and lining a lot of pockets with butter stained cash along the way. It is the audiences who love this drivel that should be reviewed rather than the movie. How did we get here?

That should be the end of the movie or better yet why not make a live action film of Scrooge McDuck starring Micheal Bay as the title character. I bet will will make a Billion dollars at the box office.

D-d-d-DANger lurks behind you, there's a STRANger OUT TO find you! A billion? Try a zillion.

Might solve a myyystryyy, or rewrite HIIIStryyy, MICHAEL BAY, ooOOoo! EXplosions, no EXposition, PARADUX, ooOOoo! PACKED the-atres, empty movies, TRILLIONS, ooOOoo, TAKE my money, GOUGE my eyes out, MICHAEL BAY! ooOOoo!

With the Rock as Launchpad, Marky Wahlberg as Gizmo Duck, and Bumblebee, Michelangelo, and Martin Lawrence as Huey, Louie and Dewey.

Right, so i saw the film today and thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought the plot was good, some good acting pedigree, walberg i thought was great, the new robot designs look a lot better. It was long, but i got good value for money with my 3 hours.

One interesting thought i had is this. In man of steel a lot of people have a huge problem with the mass destruction, and how that could ever be brushed under the carpet for everyone to fall inline behind supes. Here bay has directly addressed the devastation and loss from the battle in Chicago, but its getting criticism from people. Seems you just cant win.

I loved the new film, lots and lots good with it, some expected faults, but i think its one of the best in the series. The action scenes had the hairs up on the back of my neck, and when the dino bots kicked off i just wanted to whoop and cheer.

Not sure about the comments about there being no pacing or quiet parts to get a breather. There were plenty of quieter moments, comedy bits, character interaction etc.

If bays transformers films aren't for you, fair enough, but i am loving this installment. Its on my shopping list when the blu ray comes out.

Its the fourth movie folks. If you are still going your either a masocist or you found something enjoyable in the series. Quit wining.

I sat in the audience. This is the worst film I have seen since The Happening. It is bad in the worst way something can be; joyless, bloated, and making no sense... Walberg's acting falls just below a high school lead's. This film is abysmal. I actually enjoyed the first three. I can't explain how terrible this film is. Don't ever see it.

Hang on. Wasn't the original Transformers cartoon produced simply to sell toys? How dare Michael Bay cash-in on this honourable franchise?!

Hand shake for Craig , that did make me laugh lol

and this people is what you call an ass

I actually agree with Bay on this. Films are for audiences - not critics. In as much as a critic can help a person find the right film before committing two hours and a lot of money to a film, I respect their role. But many films have been great films by virtue of the fact that they entertained millions even if the critics were not as amused by the offering in question. There are many critics I trust. There are no critics I trust more than my friends.

I say the above in full disclosure of the fact that - despite several attempts - I have been unable to sit through even a single Transformers movie. I've genuinely tried. With Riff Trax even.

Popularity has never equated to quality. I find it a bit tragic that people like Bay have a simple equation in their head that money = quality, but it's an unfortunate fact of life. The other example is Simon Cowell, i seen an interview with him where someone said the music he promoted was rubbish and he said something along the lines of "no it's not, it sold thousands" and he truly believed that because that's how these people think, they want a bottom line.

Personally I do not like these films and mostly because I was a massive fan of the toys, cartoon and comic when I was a child. I feel a bit like he's tarnishing them. But generally I am not bothered that the exist, I just won't watch them. The only worry is that studios think this is the way to go (big and dumb) at the expense of everything else. Doesn't seem to have happened though, thank god.

Audiences are critics too. He should listen to them.

I recall similar criticisms of Revenge Of The Fallen, and amazingly he listened and Part 3 fixed those issues and was very good indeed. Sounds like he's fallen off the wagon here, which is a shame. But I'll wait until I see the movie which I intend to purchase in 2 years time at discount price on dvd.

Well, it's not that simple.

The toy company certainly saw it that way, but the people who made the cartoon didn't.

... keep them coming! Screw haters... haters who by the way are still watching every single movie in the franchise, and paying for it, just to complain some more. Not my money so I don't care. Can't wait for Transformers 5 :D

...I love how you ALL complain and still ever movie makes more money. Strange isn't it? Or the very definition of hyprocresy. Either way, I'm glad you sad people exist so I can watch more Transformers movies :)

To be fair, I don't think I ever saw the cartoon. Did have the toys though!

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