Transformers: Age Of Extinction is biggest opening of 2014

News Simon Brew 30 Jun 2014 - 06:23

Critics be damned! Michael Bay's Transformers 4 is on course to be the biggest movie of the year at the box office....

Overtaking the $95m taken by Captain America: The Winter Soldier in its first US weekend, director Michael Bay cemented his position as one of the most commercially popular fimmakers on the planet with the opening of his latest movie, Transformers: Age Of Extinction. The film took $100m at the US box office over the weekend, making it the biggest opening of 2014 so far. Furthermore, it added another $201m from outside the US, including $90m in China alone. The film's total sits at just over $300m, four days into its run.

As things stand, Transformers: Age Of Extinction is likely to break the $1bn global box office barrier that the previous movie, Transformers: Dark Of The Moon soared past. Without major competition, it may also match the third film's total business in the US too.

Furthermore, the CinemaScore ranking, taken from US moviegoers on their way out of the film, is a high A-. And that surely makes Transformers the movie franchise that is both the most critic proof, and also the one whose audience stands most apart from the critical reaction. The regular accusation aimed at critics of Transformers films is that they subjected the movies to too deep analysis when they're just designed to be a good night out at the movies. The continually high box office totals, and that CinemaScore grading, can't but suggest there's something to that argument.

Paramount has already scheduled Transformers 5 for 2016. It just remains to be seen now if Michael Bay will return to direct it. As things stand, Transformers: Age Of Extinction is going to take some toppling from its spot of number one film at the box office in 2014...

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Well, he must be doing something right.

As the saying goes "You can't polish a turd", but you can make people swallow it.

This is depressing

"Paramount has already scheduled Transformers 5 for 2016."

Of course they have. And the next 5 after that.

They must be pissing themselves laughing.

I wonder how many people who went to see this film actually enjoyed it or if they left with a headache from 3 hours of 3D, tired and confused asking questions like "which one was Optimus prime again? And why did they need a 20 expository scene for some smashing robots?

We have to start realising that these films he makes are NOT aimed at us.

We grew up with Transformers so it is easy for us to slate these films, but the kids of today will love these films because there are huge robots and huge explosions. That's pretty much all they want. They don't care too much about acting or plot.

He is not trying to make award winning films, he is trying to make films for kids so that parents go out in their thousands to take them to see it.

It's not rocket science why they keep choosing Bay to direct this franchise.

Apparently almost all them enjoyed given the A- score. Of course the critics must say that they hated it because it's a Bay movie and not some pretentious indie crapfest.

Optimus Prime is the one with the exposition speeches.

He is. He is making the types of films kids want to see.

That argument doesn't really stand up when you consider the sexualised nature of the films. Megan fox leaning over a motorbike in her pants isn't going to register with a 8 year old. Then you have the obsession with the American military and characters and jokes with racist over tones that will go straight over the heads of most young children.

Can't wait to see this Friday. Loved all of them so far.

As if I wasn't feeling ill enough with it being a Monday ............ now you've tipped me over the top, thanks for that. Now where did I put that bucket? BLARRRRGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

I believe the 'Captain Picard Facepalm' meme is appropriate here.

Ok, you're right. These films are clearly aimed at adults.

How about the racist overtones in Dumbo? Does that mean the whole film was aimed at adults?

Most films for kids have SOME other undertone going on as they are made by adults.

Hell, the film 'BIG' basically had pedophilia in it.

How about the scene in Spiderman when you can clearly see MJs nips in the rain?

Just because is a scene here or there with something for adults does not mean the film is not aimed at kids.

If it's a film for kids, leave the lecherous camera work and outfits out of it.

Well, the director is a bit of a perv clearly.

As Dumbo was released in the 1940s you have to look at that film in its contemporary social context. Most children are able to recognise a good film with story and characterisation. The initial spectacular reveal of giant smashy robots isn't enough without plot, motivation and characters you care about. I went to see Transformers 2 with my then 10 year old brother. As we left the screen, He said to me "that was a bit rubbish wasn't it? the robots were cool but all the people were really stupid"

Just because something is aimed at Children doesn't mean its ok to be bad. It'sjust patronising to children

Just to let you know, 58% of those who saw the film this weekend were over the age of 25, so not really 'kids'.

58% of the audience who saw the film over the weekend were over the age of 25.

I have to admit this film was better than the last 2 and actually quite good fun. Not the Transformers film most people vocally want but at the moment it's the best we're going to get. Still switch off and it's a watchable flick

How many of those 58% do you think took their kids to see it with them?

Children don't go to the cinema on their own.

Yes, get in!!!!! One person at last with something positive to say. I too can't wait to see this film.

What would be the point of a film critic that loved a nearly 3 hour film about explosions and robots (in that order I'd say)? Most reviews I've seen have said it's the best one in the franchise. I think that's fair. But don't expect them to lavish false praise on it. There's no need either. It's already made over 300 million in a few days.

What's your definition of kid by the way? Because mine would be children that adults buy the tickets for. So films like Toy Story, Monsters Inc. Family films. But I think you mean teenagers who buy tickets themselves. In which case Megan Fox and MJ's nipples are all acceptable because teenage boys like that stuff. I think Transformers is aimed at the young adult/teenager demographic; the films are violent and I've read there's quite a few swear words. Sure they'll want to sell a few toys too. But when I was a kid they used to advertise toys from 'Aliens'. And that film would be horrific for a kid.

By kid, I mean someone who is taken to the cinema to watch a film.

That's why I reckon the 'adult' numbers of people who went to see it is so high.

At least I hope it is.

If 58% of people who saw this are adults who went without children, then it is a sad time...

I know they are not everyone's cup of tea but for me I just love the epic scores, the brawling, cool cars and the inner child bursting out.

It's called "something for the dads". This sort of ludicrous sexism has been used in films and shows for pretty much as long as there have been films and TV. Doctor Who companion, anyone? How about Emma Peel from The Avengers? Her name is derived from M Appeal. Man appeal. <sigh>

The general response I've noted is that if you liked the others, you'll like this one. If you didn't like the others, you won't like this one.

I've eventually come to the conclusion that Bay's Transformers films are aimed squarely at kids now. The whole nostalgia trip for us folk who loved the 80's cartoon was done by the first film.

Personally, the thought of nearly 3 hours of Bay's latest robotic wet dream explosion extravaganza doesn't quite do it for me.

if i was a parent i wouldn't want my kids seeing this type of rubbish, when i was growing up a lot of the films we watched had themes and meaning, even the action films which would now be regarded as blockbuster popcorn fare had heart, what has bays transformers got? sexism, racism, excess and noise

the fact of the matter is these films are not aimed squarely at children although the money men and bay have no regard for where the money comes from as long as it ends up in their coffers, bay makes his films for intellectually challenged men who share his perverse view of the world

also, rotten tomatoes is not the leading authority on whether a film or tv series is any good

You make a fair point, I think you're being a tad harsh when you say its made for "intellectually challenged men". Made BY intellectually challenged men, you have an argument.

I think that these movies are aimed at the "young male" demographic. The few women in the movie are clearly meant for adolescent and "frat boy" males, the bizarre racism appeals (presumably) to young white men, and the military pornography/jingoism that Bay in which Bay seems to wallow all screams "young macho men."

This. This is why we can't have nice things.

Yeah they do... they get dropped off, parents go shopping, pick up kids at end of movie. There are plenty of ages below 18 (ie 'kids') for which this isn't a major deal... :)

Hello there. Regarding the Emma Peel reference - where did you hear that then? Emma Peel was placed in the Avengers as a role model for women. Attractive, smart and tough.

No one can guarantee us good feelling about this, but Mr. BAY surely has quarantined us with the Forth. ^^

Care to elaborate, Nev?

Pretty sure nobody cares about acting or plot when they are seven, unless they are in fact a thespian....

When films that are this bang average have enormous success, and films deserving of success (Such as Edge of Tomorrow) fail to generate these sorts of numbers, we end up with studios refusing to fund interesting, independent films and instead rely on churning out the franchise guff because, at the end of the day, all they care about is the money.

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