Transformers: Age Of Extinction review round-up

News Simon Brew
23 Jun 2014 - 06:32

The reviews for Michael Bay's Transformers 4 are starting to appear - and they're better than you may be expecting...

We've not had a chance to see Michael Bay's fourth Transformers movie yet, with UK press screenings not taking place for a little while. But the restrictions on reviews of the film in the US have lifted - following the movie's Chinese premiere last week - and the first reactions are veering ever-so-slightly towards the positive. At the very least, it sounds as if there's a push to take the narrative in a different direction.

We already know that Transformers: Age Of Extinction is the longest film in the Transformers saga, but here's what those early reviews are saying about it...

The Hollywood Reporter
"True, there's a lot of state-of-the-art 3D chicanery, and the film is a marked improvement over the wholesale inhuman chaos of the last two installments, 2009's Revenge Of The Fallen and 2011's Dark Of The Moon. But the bloat of this latest entry — at 165 minutes, the longest of the lot — suggests that Michael Bay and his team are struggling to rejuvenate the whole premise"

Screen International
"Even at a staggering 165 minutes, it is inconceivable that Age Of Extinction will be anything other than a titanic success in both domestic and international markets, especially in China. Pacing is a genuine issue, especially in the film’s early stages, but for audiences seeking the same polished, vacuous grand scale spectacle that has become synonymous with both the series and its director, Transformers: Age Of Extinction gives the series a new lease of life"

It’s not just that the Autobots look more distinctive and easier to tell apart than ever in Transformers: Age Of Extinction — as Optimus Prime never tires of reminding us, these robots have actual souls. So who cares if the human characters are even more dispensable and the plot even more scattershot than usual? Resurrected to take on man-made knock-offs of themselves, these metallic superheroes cause so much destruction, it’s as if they’re trying to find a literal new definition for the term 'blockbuster'"

"I think the giant scale action in this one is amazingly staged once again. There are few filmmakers alive who would even try to stage things on a scale like this, much less make it look like something that's sort of effortless. Bayhem just keeps getting better" ... " Giant robots. Giant mayhem. Destruction on a global scale. You know what you're in for if you buy a ticket, and Bay seems determined to wear you down with the biggest craziest Transformers movie yet".

Transforrmers: Age Of Extinction lands in the UK on July 10th.

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