Transformers: Age Of Extinction just shy of three hours long

News Simon Brew
19 Jun 2014 - 14:06

Remember when Michael Bay said that Transformers 4 would be shorter than the last? Er, it's the longest in the series, at 166 minutes.

We wouldn't ordinarily do a news story on the length of a blockbuster movie, but this one seems, er, a little excessive. Appreciating we've not seen the movie yet, and thus it may turn out to warrant every single minute, it's been confirmed that the running time of Michael Bay's Transformers: Age Of Extinction is a bum-numbing 166 minutes. So, 14 minutes shy of three hours, including end credits.

Furthermore, this flies in the face of Michael Bay's earlier comments about the movie, where he said just over a year ago that Age Of Extinction would be shorter than the already-bloated third film, Dark Of The Moon. And that ran for 154 minutes. Turns out, rather than being shorter, the new film will be 12 minutes longer.

It may all turn out well. We shall find out in July. If you're planning to see it, you might want to take a cushion...

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