Transformers: Age Of Extinction just shy of three hours long

News Simon Brew 19 Jun 2014 - 14:06

Remember when Michael Bay said that Transformers 4 would be shorter than the last? Er, it's the longest in the series, at 166 minutes.

We wouldn't ordinarily do a news story on the length of a blockbuster movie, but this one seems, er, a little excessive. Appreciating we've not seen the movie yet, and thus it may turn out to warrant every single minute, it's been confirmed that the running time of Michael Bay's Transformers: Age Of Extinction is a bum-numbing 166 minutes. So, 14 minutes shy of three hours, including end credits.

Furthermore, this flies in the face of Michael Bay's earlier comments about the movie, where he said just over a year ago that Age Of Extinction would be shorter than the already-bloated third film, Dark Of The Moon. And that ran for 154 minutes. Turns out, rather than being shorter, the new film will be 12 minutes longer.

It may all turn out well. We shall find out in July. If you're planning to see it, you might want to take a cushion...

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That's a full 5 minutes longer than the premiere cut of 2001: A Space odyssey.

I'm looking forward to something incredibly profound

Bay is a really terrible director. But perhaps this is a move to shift the focus away from how bad a director he is onto how bad an editor he is.

At 6 foot 3 inches, I tend to find even the most comfy cinema seats still lack decent leg room. So, I'll wait until it's on telly (or if it defies my every expectation and turns out to be a million times better than the last three, I'll do the DVD).

That's an incredible amount of explosions

Well, these movies aren't masterpieces, however I find them very entertaining, especially in IMAX. If a movie is fun to watch and has a duration of more than two hours, it is for me worth it to pay the ticket price.
Also, what's up with that "bum numbing"? You decide if you are going to see a movie. They don't make the duration a secret. You should make the time. I'm always amazed that people want to get out of the theatre as soon as possible. More so when it concerns a Marvel movie. About now you would think that everybody knows that there will be something more after the credits. At least halfway.

Shall we bring the intermission back? Sell more popcorn and sodas! Less people getting up in the middle of the movie and blocking your view or stepping on your toes!

Wether you enjoy something or not or have pre-show information on the duration of a movie, ones buttocks may still become 'numb'.


That's fine by me. I hate it when they try to shoe-horn a big story into 90 minutes. If it takes 180 minutes, take 180 minutes.

I don't bother with cinemas any more anyway - too many distractions and disturbances - so no numb bum for me. I'll just wait for the Blu-ray and watch at my leisure.

You're practically Hagrid

Don't confuse 'bum-numbing' with 'mind-numbing'. :D

"My God... It's full of explosions..."

Really? I'm 6 3" as well and but the most cramped of cinemas are fine leg wise.

But in all honesty, I doubt you're missing much, except maybe some motion sickness from all the crappily edited shaky cam

I found none of the Transformers movies entertaining. I don't mind a popcorn movie. I can suspend disbelief and just enjoy it for what it is.

But every Transformer's movie was soulless and boring. I don't know if it was the second or last one, but one of them was also really hard to follow.

As much as I like the first and third, they really don't need to be that long. The plots have gotten worse, and they spend way too much time on the humans. I still couldn't tell you what happened in the third one, but I still bought a ticket. That was after seeing the second, too!

Our local cinema still has intermissions :)

should be: My god its full of exploding cars!

dude how can you say he is a terrible director? Just because he doesn't make art house films doesn't make him terrible. He is the emblem of action movie blockbuster which occupys a huge role in american cinema that has captured the imagination of all ages. Can you imagine being responsible for a film as large as transformers, with all the technology, and departments that are involved, whilst producing other films as well. On paper, and celluloid (figuratively speaking) this guy is a genius

my god it's full of sunsets

If you didn't like the first one, then why did you go see the others?

"defies my every expectation and turns out to be a million times better than the last three"

If it did that, it wouldn't be a Michael Bay film.

do they have an icecream cart?

it's an incredible amount of S....

too easy

I'm no hater of Bay and I lover Transformers, Movies, comics ,toys. All good as far as I am concerned. 3 hours though! I'm a Father of 1 (soon to be 2). I don't have 3 hours spare! That includes the trailers so I could be sat there for nearly 3 and a half hours! Dumb action films should be capped at 100 minutes.

Nope, he is an awful director, wheelie literally jumping Megan fox's leg. Inappropriate not funny and makes not sense. Wheelie is not a dog. I could go on but feel my point there is enough to rest my case.

3 hours long?! Not for a Transformers movie- there's just not enough depth to these films to justify it, entertaining as they might be. I'll catch this on Sky thanks.

Be all the slo-mo of explosions. Things hitting things and such.

transformers movies are the worst movies ever made

he's a terrible action director also, just terrible all around


Never the less, you made the effort.

I was quoting the DoG Facebook post for this article.

You local theatre has lousy seats then.

Uwe Boll is terrible all around.

Movies stopped being fun in the theatres since black people.

Mine too, and the theatres in other towns bring them in if a movie is longer than two hours.

I saw Transformers 3 in a Cinema where the AC was broken. Totally ruined the experience wished I got the refund, but you only had 10 minutes before doing so. Just the thought of this bloated running time for the new movie has put me right off and making me wait until it reaches video/on demand. Bay seems to be a real fibber. First he denied doing a fourth film, now the running time is tweaked. With the same writer as the second and third films, I really have no hope for this one. Shame.

uhhhhhhhh... what is your source?

Seriously, what kind of journalism is that. "we can confirm" well who the hell are you, a random journalist... or a Paramount exec/producer/Michael Bay himself?

Yeah sometimes, I just don't learn. Plus you're at the Redbox, you are looking for a movie and there isn't one. You are bored.

But after the first one, I haven't been to the theater to see one.

Excuse me, sir: Would you mind removing your hat?

I'm not a Dog. Yet I would hump Megan Fox's leg.

"My God... It's full of *#!$..."

Bet theres still no room for character development.

Michael Bay gave up on directing years ago. I've said it before and I'll say it again, he's one hell of a project manager but one shitty movie director.

Haha! Well done.
I think Bay's Transformers are entertaining. I always love the folks that feel like the 80s cartoon was high art. They were fun, but good grief they were cartoons with bad music, mediocre animation and just okay acting. CR888 is exactly right, even if you think Bay's movies are crap, you have to admire his ability to pull all these things together as pretty and as entertaining as he does. Even Pain and Gain was a great movie and oddly hilarious in some scenes.

I enjoyed Pain and Gain, I enjoy most Michael Bay films. I watch them expecting Helicopters, music that goes Dum Dum Dum Da Dum, and night suddenly becoming day. I don't go in thinking yay this will be completely different and have Oscar winning potential. He is what he is. You wouldn't expect a dog to win the Grand National.

Wow, you sound like a classy fella' Stuart. Lucky Megan.

I cannot believe it's longer than Dark of the Moon. By the end of that film I had become utterly numb to explosions; it was so long and so over the top with destruction that it somehow managed to make massive robots fighting boring. But I've learned my lesson. I will never see a Bay Transformers film at the cinema again.
Don't get me wrong. I love Arnie films. Mindless action is OK. But Dark of the Moon genuinely has over an hour of stuff blowing up non-stop. Anything that repetitive gets a little dull.

Lucky anyone. It doesn't have to be Megan Fox.

I use to like Michael Bay, around his The Rock period. I like his cinematography a lot. But now it's just too much.

Also my main beef with Transformers is that it's really hard to watch the fighting scenes. Junkyards beating each other up.

I would've loved to see what James Cameron would've come up with for these movies.

Here's my Transformers checklist:

1: Lots of american flags
2: Daughter wearing minimal clothing
3: Sunsets...
4: Explosions
5: Lots of upward shots of people getting out of cars
6: Slo-Mo
7: Explosions
8: Tyring to guess which transformers are the bad guys
9: Explosions
10: Cringey speeches
11: Complete and utter bayhem!!!! (see 4 and 9)

What i am actually looking forward to: DINOBOTS!!!

I loved the first transformers movie, second is utter poo, 3rd one not bad. I don't expect any Bay film to be in the running for Oscars etc. I mean it's a movie where stuff gets blow up, and big ass robots punch each other. Don't expect realism. I know what to expect but i wish a few things would change. Like the fact it's bluddy difficult to tell them apart when they are fighting.

agree with your point about dark of the moon. How long did that final sequence in Chicago last? Seemed to just drag and drag.

SUPER LONG! I just walked out 20 minutes before the ending. But in my defence there was what seemed like 3 endings before it. If you have children that have a hard time sitting still you may want to wait for this one to come out on DVD. Plus it seemed as if the writer was really desperate for laughs by using a lot of cursing, i personally don't care if my kids hear adult language, i just didn't expect it. Other than that it was exactly what you expect. Kinda getting old though.

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