Transformers 5, Star Trek 3, GI Joe 3 for 2016

News Simon Brew 19 Jun 2014 - 06:04

Paramount confirms a whole host of sequels for release in 2016....

Paramount continues to waste little time making the most of its franchises, with the confirmation that a host of sequels are on their way over the next couple of years. We already knew about films such as Mission: Impossible 5, Terminator: Genesis and Friday The 13th In 3D, all due in 2015.

Now, however, the studio has confirmed at CineEurope that 2016 will see G.I. Joe 3, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters 2 and Star Trek 3 (or Star Trek 13, if you prefer).

Furthermore, and this is the major blockbuster that hadn't previously been announced (not that it's a surprise), it's also got Transformers 5 lined up for 2016 as well. It's unclear if Michael Bay will be directing this one, although he'll certainly be involved.

Also rounding off Paramount's 2016 slate (at least for now) is the new Beverly Hills Cop sequel. It's also, as we've reported elsewhere, pushed Paranormal Activity 5 to 2016.


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A 2016 release of Star Trek was always bound to happen as 8 Sept 2016 is the 50th anniversary of the first Shatner starring US tv screening (ignoring the original 1964 Jeffrey Hunter starring The Cage pilot unshown until 1986 on video and 1996 on TV excluding the bits shown in The Menagerie) and this is one cash-cow film Paramount want to have.

A 2016 release of Mission: Impossible was probable too as 17 Sept 2016 is the 50th anniversary of the Steven Hill starring US tv screening (before Peter Graves took over from season 2 onwards and Jon Voight's similarly named character we won't mention.) Another 50th anniversary to cash in on.

Paramount are probably releasing Mission:Impossible 5 in 2015 to avoid the cinema release overlaps with Star Trek 13 in 2016 as the 50th anniversaries of both series are Sept 1966 - Sept 2016.

not in the slightest bit interested in any of these titles unless they surprise us all and actually make a decent terminator film

Meh, New Trek.

I never dreamt the day would come where I'd say such a thing.

G.I. Joe 3 and Transformers 5 should be the same film.

Just be happy you can still say "meh" to new Star Trek.

Kind regards,

A Stargate fan

And yet Paramount can do jack with it's Jack Ryan franchise since the 90's.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit?

If Orci can let not his ego get in the way and draft in Nick Meyer to write the script then the 50th anniversary could be great like SKYFALL.
It would be nice to squeeze in The Next Generation (considering Mr.Orci is apparently a big fan of them) in some sort of cameo to give them a proper send off not extended to them in NEMESIS.

I am one of the freaks who is actually looking forward to these films. As far as I am concerned, my son likes Transformer films, I like my son enjoying himself, and a bit of a guilty pleasure.... I enjoy the films. Can't wait for Turltles.. Just sayin

What I actually ment was that they rebooted that franchise twice without any progress. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit was supposed to be the first in a series of five. I haven't heard any talk about a sequel and if so a 2016 or 2017 slot would be logic.

The most boring line up I've read so far on this site. We need to start a 'don't pay to see Transformers' campaign. Don't buy a ticket. Sneak in. Download it. Wait to burn a DVD from someone. The only thing studios listen to is cash registers. If a film makes no money, it gets no sequel. Case in point; the fantastic Dredd.

All pish except Star Trek 3.
I've enjoyed the Abrams films, though Into Darkness suggested that his knowledge of / enthusiasm for the franchise is probably reaching its limits.
Would be good if someone can come along and maintain the energy of the JJ films but bring something more of a Trek mentality to the table...without getting bogged down in continuity.
Hard balance to strike but the first new Trek got it pretty much perfect.

Hansel & Gretel 2? Really? Number 1 was dire. Mind you, so was Into Darkness, and that won't stop them.


A Firefly fan.

I too was kind of suprised that that movie is getting a sequel. Must have done better than I thought.

Thanks for the warning! I shall avoid all three like the pest.

Yeah, I saw it (in an empty cinema) but I don't personally know anyone else who did...

Hansel & Gretel 2!!!!!!! but no Dredd Sequel? did anyone actually watch the first Hansel & Gretel film?

*Ssssiiiiigggggghhhh* Maybe I am just in a crappy mood due to lack of sleep because of the late nights watching the stupid world cup day in day out, but this line up of movies just makes me want to... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Extended cut on BR was good disposable fun!

If you don't want to see Transformers that's fine, I do and I do hope it'll be good. Film companies aren't charities, if it makes money of course a sequel will follow. If I personally sold something that turned out to be profitable, I suspect I would try and sell more.

Dredd failed due to lack of marketing, a poor earlier film and a fairly limited knowledge of the character outside the UK. If it was a Marvel film it would have done really well. I saw it at the cinema and would love another, but it didn't make enough money and despite our hardcore fanbase I can see why a company would be hesitant to risk making another.

Don't pirate films. It's not cool.

Sorry, in a bad mood today. Rant over.

Good luck with that

JJ has no understanding of Trek. He just made films featuring a character called Kirk but without lightsabres before he got the Star Wars franchise.
I really don't understand the love for these new bang-bang movies from this site. I thought you people would immediately see them for the empty noisy garbage they really are.

Erm... "Skyfall" wasn't great - it just had lots of people who should have known better (like Kermode) saying it was.
If you don't believe me just google "Skyfall plot holes" and enjoy, then re-evaluate.
And before anyone says that Bond movies always have plot holes, just remember they had FOUR YEARS to work on this one. FOUR.

Wouldn't there be plenty of room for both, especially as September is generally not a great month to release blockbusters? I'd think Star Trek in May then Mission : Impossible in July would be best.

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