New trailer for Transformers: Age Of Extinction

Trailer Simon Brew 15 May 2014 - 08:02

The full trailer for Michael Bay's new Transformers movie has landed. See it here...

Pretty much guaranteed to be one of the biggest blockbusters of the summer is Michael Bay's fourth Transformers movie, Transformers: Age Of Extinction. Given that the last film - in the face of poor reviews - grossed over $1bn worldwide, it would be fair to declare this an unstoppable juggernaut.

There have been promising signs from Age Of Extinction though, which seems as close to a change of direction as the franchise can take without a fresh face behind the camera. Shia is gone, of course, with Mark Wahlberg taking on the lead role this time. And we're promised that this film will set up where the franchise is heading next.

That's for the future, though. For now, here's the new trailer for Transformers: Age Of Extinction...

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As tired and predictable as this looks, I do have to admit a robot dinosaur breathing fire and being ridden by Optimus wielding a massive sword is pretty balls-to-the-wall awesome.

I don't mind them making a new Transformers movie but I really wish Bay would give up directing them.

Surely Michael Bay has a ton of actors to choose from. Why can't he ever get people that are good?

I don't get the Transformer films at all to be honest. I'm a wee bit too old to have played with the toys back in the 80's so I don't have any emotional or nostalgic attachment to the brand but away from that I am still baffled by their success.

The ones I have watched (1 and 3 - I think, one of them had robot versions of the crows from Dumbo), were so badly written and heavily directed that I found them a chore to watch. The big action scenes had so many layers of CGI they ended up being meaningless to me as it was just explosions of things moving and the scenes in between seemed as though they were lumpy inconveniences to Bay.

I understand that they are wildly popular but for me, I can't stand them, this trailer I would assume, is very much of the same stuff?

I feel like I've developed ADHD from just watching that! :)

The only thing I want from a Bayformers movie is for them to lose the "shredded metal" look. I find it very hard to distinguish between them sometimes.

Edit: Wow, they looked much better in this trailer! There's hope yet. :D

I'm not saying the rest of it will be good, but why shoe-horn in a love plot? Can't we just have an action film without a relationship in peril? If you're going to watch a Transformers film (not personally my cup of tea), you're not going because two of the leads will eventually make out. You're going for robots riding robot dinosaurs wielding fire swords.

as Shila would say 'no no no no'. It just looks and sounds like all the other ones

So, aside from the introduction of Dinobots, the exact same film we've seen 3 times already?

Every single film has been about the decepticons trying to wipe out everything.

And it seems there is new type of 'all spark' in the center of it all.


You had the chance to reboot this whole franchise, take it somewhere new, and you chose Bay again.

Because Michael Bay is a massive perv.

HOW DARE YOU!? Mark Wahlberg is the finest actor of our generation! :)

Not watching this because when he transformers are fighting and stuff is getting blown up I know Marky Mark isn't gonna turn round to somebody and say 'FEEL THE VIBRATIONS!!!' when he damn well should. Plus there no Funky Bunch in it either.

he's more than that, i think he's actually evil...

i hope that's ironic....

a bold new direction... not
just make it like the wicked comics and cartoons and get M.Bay away from it! I despise him

Pretty girl. Hunky Man. Crash Bang Wallop. Reversal of fate. Crash Bang Wallop. Hero triumphs. The end.

Wasn't this plot originally written in 3rd century BC?

Yep, for most of it was yawn inducing .... been there, done that ............ but dammit if my inner 8 year kid didn't just shoot milk out of his nose when Optimus was riding the dinosaur. No matter what age you are, that was damned awesome.

Bless him, he is never ever going to be able to fully get away from the Funky Bunch is he?

Oh no! All of humanity is under threat from endless massive cg destruction. Again.

Agree with you there. I did watch the fist film but it really was a load of old horse poo and I have no desire to step in that again. I was born in the early 70s so I could have had Transformer toys in the 80s but even as a child I thought they were pretty stupid. How could an alien robot from another planet turn into a modern earth car? It wouldn't know what a car was, stupid toys..

When the transformers crash landed on Earth and were rendered inoperative, their computer altered them to change into what it thought was the primary form of life on the planet - vehicles - so they could blend in. A mistake, but a cool one :-) So it's not stupid at all

Oh great, here comes Michael Bay to piss all over my childhood once more. I would love this to fail but it probably won't.

agreed, i'm a trans fan too, and boy, it's way off the mark isn't it buddy

Hasbro should realise they don't need M.Bay to replicate the grosses of the previous films, to stay safe. The Transformers name sells itself anyway! The irony is is that M.Bay, a really sick human imho, making these films and people still going to see them, proves this sentiment more than anything. Man these films are so off the mark!

Marky Mark & The Clunky Bunch?

yeah plus they're called 'Transformers' duh

wow, you came across as seriously ignorant there. the reason they turn into vehicles has been heavily covered in the films and every version of the cartoons. your dismissive attitude just comes across as being a bit of douche. sorry, but if you are so uneducated in the thing, please jog on and dont waste everybodies time reading your pointless post.

1. The Autobots are on the run from the Humans.
2. Humans are building their own transformers.
3. The space ships and the chap with a gun for a face are not Decepticons.
4. Robot dinosaurs.
5. No Shia LeBeef, thank chr*st
6. Theres no all spark mcguffin

People who reboot franchises 3 years after the last one are morons, so are the fans that ask them to. Dont reboot things, FIX THE WRITING!!!!

Still directed by Bay, NOT the same at all.

Other than an attack on possibly several cities, but quite honestly its a transformers movie and you should stop being a b*tch about it.

Take your kneejerk response, grow up and find some original material.

He got Stanley Tucci and Kelsey Grammar, id say thats a start.

Bit p*ssed off he missed getting The Rock in for this

step 1 Dont go see it

step 2 Ignorance is bliss

step 3 Silence is golden

oh no, how dare they, where is the transformers i enjoyed as a child, the black and white character study where bumblebee smoked a cigarette after a very artistic love making scene... those were the days of fine drama....

seriously dude, its transformers

while i absolutely adore the IDW comics, I facepalm myself so hard at your comment...

What the hell do you want from a transformers film exactly????

High art?
Introspective character analysis and french new wave styles?

Its an action film about giant robots. Jog on

theyre trying to keep the fight sequences framed in a way the audience can really see whats going on, the first few movies were awful for that,

Plus the models have had extensive redesigns to look more fluid and humanoid.

I live it hope

At least I've grown up.

You seem like a really nice person.

You probably shouldn't worry so much about peoples opinions on a place where we are here to share opinions.

Go and find a site where people cannot comment. You may be a happier individual then.

This is a place to converse and share opinions, not have a go at everyone who doesn't share your own opinion.

1. All your comments don't have to be numbered.


I'd say he sound more like Michael Bay trying to justify his awful films.

Ah man, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but why do Transformers and Bay haters seem to think their opinion is more valid than those who like the films? I am going to go watch this film, I am going to disengage my brain and watch big robots beating seven shades of chrome out of each other, and I am going to enjoy the sheer look of excitement on my 7 year old sons face. I am not looking for any grand character development, or exploration of existential themes. Just robots smacking each other in the face for upwards of 2 hours. Excellent. BTW, I was born in 1980, I owned transformers and they brought me great joy. It now brings me great joy to see my young son enjoying Transformers. That for me, is enough.

I think calling Bay a "really sick human"" is a bit over the top!

"but even as a child I thought they were pretty stupid"... oh, you were THAT kid.

Says the video is unavailable in my country...

step 1 Take something that you enjoyed as a child

step 2 Make a bunch of rubbish derivative lowest common denominator movies and get a cynical director who's only interested in the gross and has a terrible depiction of women.

step 3 See how you like it

step 4 STFU

I have no intention of seeing it, but as it's something I was previously emotional invested in I am entitled to an opinion. There is only 1 Transformers movie imo and I was 10 when I watched it.

I had suspicions he's a sick guy, then I felt I found a kindred opinion in Mark Kermode in his BBC radio review of Pain and Gain. Since then I've just let rip. I have a fondness for Transformers and my vision for it as modern day films is in stark contrast to we've got. It is quite personal for me which goes to explain my possibly over the top vitriol for M.Bay. Have a quick search for Kermode's review on Youtube. He presents a solid case

that's crazy you facepalm (hard) my comment while you also adore the IDW comics! you should be with me man

Dinobots...enough said. By far my favorite as a kid.

nah man, there's quality and charm all over loads of transformer material that could be mined to hell. The excuse that 'hey what do you expect from Transformers? high art?' isn't enough man. It could be well ace. My issue is that M.Bay and whoever else is putting these films together don't just miss the mark here and there, it's like totally totally off

I can't even see this trailer due to "The uploader has not made this video available in your country" BS

Thing for me is that there's never enough of the bloody robots in Bay's Transformers films. Too much about the squishy humans.

Or humping dogs, of course.

I just want to be able to see whats happening that's a start. Also to treat the work with a bit of respect - these characters have been around for 30 years,. OK I know its a film based on a cartoon based on a toy line but at least when you are playing with your toys when you were a kid you knew what each character looked like, they had a personality and was not a jumble of metallic streamers carving into each other with loads of explosions, camera tricks and debris thrown everywhere. Even in the cartoons you knew who was who. There is Ratchet he is a grumpy medic, theres Jazz he is cool that's Megatron he is the main bad guys and there is Starscream who is a whining douche. You could tell who was who by personality, colour, weapon and style. Now its a 'oh did he just die...i cant tell' visual barrage of the very best Nuke has to offer in its range of texture add-ons and after effects plug-ins.

That's a bit of luck

He's just appealing to a wider audience, I mean what girly-girl would want to go see a 2hr, explosion dripping, mofo robot battle without 15-20 minutes dedicated to giving her the warm fuzzies?
Answer; none unless she owes you one

Why does it have to have appeal to girly girls?

It's a film about giant robots knocking the s**t out of each other. That's all I want to see.

They don't cater for a wider audience with the chick flicks my gf makes me watch, why should mine cater for her! haha

"Hey Megatron... that's a nice gun. I had a gun in 4 Brothers. Did you see that movie? Anyway, was nice meeting you... say hi to your mother for me."

Oh excellent... another bit of "story" involving a character called Optimus Prime that's acting nothing like Optimus Prime. Stunning.

Video not available in the US? How quaint.

new linkin park song to go along with?

and what award winning films have you created? how many millions of dollars have you brought in for your employer? yeah, didn't think so buddy.

I guess I will be the first, and only (it seems) female to respond. Just to let you guys know, there are some girly-girls who dig action movies as much as her man. I, for one, LOVE the Transformers movies, and the only flaw in these movies have been "the squishy humanoid" scenes. This is one woman who does not want to see making out in the midst of gunfire and explosions! If there is going to be a woman in the movie, make her join the fight and save the kissing and bedroom eyes for the outtake reel. Of the first three movies, the only one I didn't really care for was the third. Rose, what's her name, spent 90% of the time screaming.

You obviously haven't if you're going to be belittling people in that way.

Or sarcastic even.....

Here here.

Not available in my country. Awwww. I hate America :(

and that's why michael bay and the money men know that they can throw any old bulls**t at the screen and people will still pay to see it, no matter how juvenile, impertinent or worn out the material

far be it from me to council anyone on parenting but do you really want your son watching this kind of hollow garbage?

you lucky lady

b4 you speak they are several others who make terrible movies,but bay's movies are for people who like action and they make money...hey let it be terrible but the worst stupidest films like titanic, which documents more about a romance than the actual event, gross billions... they have money we don't...let it b awful...because he is awfully rich....and his name is in your you making him more awfully amazing...

every transformers trailer ever
oooh what is this big robot thing lets mess with it that won't make it angry
ohhh one human friend
ooohh fighting optimus is screwed
ooohhh squishy kiss scene
ooh badasss major kickass new toy for the transformers

Grimlock. His name is Grimlock.

Not available for play in the United States. That sucks.

*Raises hand* Excuse me, I want to see robots riding robot dinosaurs battling each other and I'm a girly girl. Apparently you aren't hanging out with the right girls.

Unfortunately Grimlock more closely resembles the T-rex in "Night at the Museum" than the toy or cartoon.

How the hell is this trailer not available in the US? Really?

says I can't view it

in my country??????


WTF?? "The uploader has has not made this video available in your country"?? I live in the US?? This is a bloody US production?? I'm using a bloody US brand laptop running a bloody US edition of bloody Windows 7?? WTF, Youtube, WHAT! THE! BLOODY! FUFFING! HELL!?!?!?!?!? That's it. I'm going back to Gallifrey.

This looks awesome. Yeah it may have the same formula like most action hollywood films but I still think I'll enjoy this. TBH I think Bay's alright. Made some great films. If you think it's crap, fair enough. I'm not going to disregard your view or criticise it either. Animation on this movie looks awesome and looks like it's heading in the right direction for Hasbro. So maybe a feature film or two on minicons and unicron? fingers crossed from me.

Wow.... Good comeback bro

You really got me there

1. Very true

2. It felt right at the time

Trust me, I am in a way. Sorry, I'd just woken up when I posted that.

I'd love for the franchise to spinoff, like DC did, and start producing animated features based on the idw storyline, especially the last 3 years. It would be amazing and the fanboys like us would take to it like crack.

But as a film franchise, never work, would be too expensive, lose most of the humour through dumbing down and the mass market isn't there for it. It's niche and should stay niche. On a grand stage too many people would mess it up.

So I do agree it should happen, but not in any way cross pathes with the movies.

Nah, this is a site to let your voice be heard and when necessary, debate pointless whinging about a movie. If you aren't going to see it/hate it all, why debate at all? Why not ignore it, why get defensive and criticise if it means so little. I stand up for my beliefs, while you and others here just came to b*tch for no reason about a film you've not seen that is marketed to children. For those of us looking forward to it, your comments and those like you are a f*cking downer! and I have the right to be angry and speak out.

For all the faults of the movies, their success has led to a revival toyline covering the 30 year history, 2 incredibly well written cartoons and a series of comics that is utterly superb. So as horrible as these movies may be, they created a lot of good for the franchise and it's public awareness. So I stick up for this movie, I accept the criticism levelled, but I challenge whining like a child. And as this is an open forum, I'm not going anywhere. But thanks for the advice.

Check the YouTube mate, they have dozens of versions localised to different countries. This is probably just the uk version.

That's what Bay movies will do to you

I'm lovely actually.

You sounded like a tw@t in your post, and you made clueless comments that I believe I rebuffed quite clearly. so I felt it was fair game

Totally respect your opinion, but most of the people criticising the films aren't asking for "grand character development, or exploration of existential themes". They're after a fun, pacy big budget film with action scenes they can actually follow.

There's a lot more anger in these comments than I would have expected.

I'm sorry...was that rhetorical? I guess I just like having fun. And yes, keep your opinions out of my parenting.

Blah. Unless the reviews are surprisingly positive, I'll be giving it a pass.

"Every single film has been about the decepticons trying to wipe out everything."

Hmmm...maybe it's just me (or my memory's a bit f'd up), but wasn't that the case with the original animated series?

Just asking...

Ace comment!

Well, this one is supposed to be his last.

I know, I know....there'll be much cheering and weeping of joy, until a new director is chosen and everyone starts bitching again. Sorry if I sound sarcastic...but yep, Bay will be leaving the series after this.

Of course, if someone starts pushing for Christopher Nolan, I may have to get violent. :)

Bloody well said!

We don't know if he will be Grimlock or if they will stuff it all up
but if it is Grimlock, he would need to transform sometime in the movie

Fair point. What I mean is the whole wiping out Earth thing. I'm just a bit bored now of seeing skyscrapers falling down and being blown up. I know that's the story of the cartoon series, but we've seen it now 3 times on the big screen.

Would have been nice for them to take a whole new direction.

For me, I would have liked to have seen a prequel. I want to see Autobots Vs Decepticons in space, with no humans. I want to see how the war on Cybertron started.

My point was really just it seems more of the same.

But it's just a trailer, and maybe Bay will suprise me.

Me Grimlock, no bozo. Me king

I skipped Transformers 3 and barely blinked when this one was announced. But having watched the trailer, I'm surprisingly interested now. How did that happen? Looks big and dumb, but a lot of fun.

Girly-girl here as well and sure as hell I wanna see those shiny robots kicking the daylight out of each other! Bring the fun! fight club with robots, man! :D

Not necessarily, that would involve Bay respecting what was previously established in the cartoon series... And since when has he done that?

To be fair, while this argument very much applies to the first two films at least to an extent, I thought the action scenes were noticeably easier to follow in the third.

My wife heard me watching the trailer and said "that was such a racket". Yes, yes it was. I can't wait for this! I know everyone hates them! Fine by me the queue will be shorter!

"Me Grimlock no horse Optimus Primes rides... me king!"

The"Shia" aint in this! whoopee!

Cybertonium? I guessed that Wahlberg would find a wrecked OP in the story.

Because it IS more valid! FACT!

I'm too excited for this, but I must say, I kind of miss Sam Whitwicky. Wouldn't it be cool if he and the new character met up?

So there are 2 T-Rex's in this movie? The robot one and Mark Wahlberg?

Well I don't have several Worst Director awards like Mr Bay but I do have three 'Best Animated Music Video' awards and one 'Best Use of Animation in a Music Video' award too. Not a massive accolade I admit, but they are still awards nonetheless that I am proud of and sit smugly on my mantelpiece. I have also arguably helped bring in millions for my employers too, who deal will the Trillion dollar gold mining industry since I produce the animated presentations to help bring in investors. I have been offered several feature length animation director positions by Gotham Group but the thought of moving my family to India or China for months on end didn't appeal. It also terrified me. So excuse me for having a different opinion to you.

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