New poster for Transformers: Age Of Extinction

Poster Simon Brew 12 May 2014 - 16:02

We've got an exclusive first look at the latest Transformers: Age Of Extinction poster. Right here!

Oooh look. We've got an exclusive poster for you, although the way the internet works means that it will be exclusive for a matter of seconds. Nonetheless, you have to give us points for trying.

It's for Michael Bay's upcoming Transformers: Age Of Extinction, which stars Mark Wahlberg this time around. The movie is heading into UK cinemas on July 10th 2014, and we're promised both an extension of the series to date, along with things that set it off in a new direction.

So then: to whet your appetite, here is that brand new poster. Were we betting people, which we're not really, we'd suspect that a new trailer for the new Transformers can't be too far behind as well...

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For me, even Grimlock can't save this franchise now.

This looks laughably bad...


Could they have made this poster any cheesier?

That is a terrible, terrible poster.

There I was thinking these films couldn't get any worse.... I appear to have erred.

'Stand Together or Face Extinction?'
Probably both...

lol - hope I'm not the only person that got that. :)

People seem to forget that these films are aimed at 13 year old boys, not us 20/30/40+'ers.

This looks sick can wait for it to come out

I bet to differ im 20 and i cant wait for it to come out i have all the other transformers on dvd

This is what you get for applying Logic to your thinking.

The poster looks like a robot version of Alley Oop. Just switch the sword for a club.

I like this poster, the way that Grimlock has been designed is very cool, to me he looks ferocious and I like the fact that he is very different to his G1 and FOC counterparts as they are all set in different realities. I also like Optimus with both his robot and vehicle mode, his original modes from the first three films were awesome but his upgrade for AOE makes him look even cooler. I just can't wait to see AOE and to see what secrets are in store for all Transformers fans :)

They should change the tagline to "Toys Available Now" and be done with it.

Honestly Michael Bay... just make The Rock 2 already

The films are still aimed at 13 year old boys, no matter how much you or I anticipate them.

Maybe if they made optimus wink, with one of those teeth glinting things?

13 and under*

There's something wrong with you.

I choose extinction.

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