First trailer lands for Transformers: Age Of Extinction

Trailer Simon Brew 5 Mar 2014 - 05:35

The first trailer lands for Michael Bay's Transformers 4, otherwise known as Transformers: Age Of Extinction. See it here...

Arriving in cinemas this July is the fourth movie in the Transformers movie franchise. Entitled Transformers: Age Of Extinction, this is the one that's seeing a bit of a shuffle in front of the camera, with the likes of Shia LaBeouf nowhere to be seen this time. Instead, we get Mark Wahlberg, Nicola Peltz and Jack Reynor leading the cast.

Michael Bay is back behind the camera for the fourth time though, and his style is all over the first trailer for Transformers: Age Of Extinction. It very much looks like busy as usual here.

Take a look and see what you reckon. Bet you a pound the film takes over $1bn at the global box office...


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I'll take that bet :p

By doesnt really do subtle does he

Changing Primes alt-mode (albeit temporarily I suspect) to look like a run down version of his G1 form and referring to it as "old wreck" and "junk"? If I didn't know Mr Bay was above such things (yeah right) I'd say he was having a dig at his many detractors.

Forgot to say. Look S**t!

Forgot to say. Looks awful.

Not going to be the best film ever, but it's probably going to be a lot of fun.

"Don't you get it? We don't need you anymore" isn't the same story thread used in the last film? Feels like more of the same massive effects and flimsy story. Hopefully they'll get rid of the god awful goofy humour!

Why can't they get Prime's face right, and that stupid gun out of face shot. On the plus side dinobots.

Oh dear... More of the same from Mr bay! It might have dinobots but I couldn't pick one out from the crowd. Is the trex supposed to be grimlock??

This is gonna be a close second performance of a lifetime for marky mark. The first being the happening.

"I think we just found a transformer". Oh dear.

Why Bay... why.

It'll be crap but it will be loud and explosion-y. Bay is, at least, reliable and very profitable. And I'm probably going to see it in the theatre anyway.

I know a lot of fanboys say "This film is gonna suck and I won't be seeing it" but then they go and see it anyway? Well.... This film is gonna suck and I won't be seeing it. It looks truly awful!

Like all the Transformers movies, it'll look like someone shaking a big bunch of keys at the camera for 2 hours.

Not I, I learned my lesson after part 2.

People keep saying "Dinobots". WHERE??????

Looks rubbish, but I'll probably still go and see it.

Hopefully those thankless humans get killed for treating the Transformers so badly.

Also, when are they going to introduce Transformers best bad guy Unicron? A planet sized Decepticon would be all kinds of awesome - just not in Bay's hands.

Did he just pull a gun out of his face?...

I got fooled into paying cinema money to see Transformers 2 and 3, not again.

Bay's Transformers in a nutshell. Not one line of dialogue from the title characters.


No Shia LaBeouf is already a plus in my book! Also, anything's gotta be better than parts 2 and 3! So I'm cautiously optimistic.

I see a two headed dragon and what appears to be 'Diet Mechagodzilla', but nothing particulary based on a DINOsaur.


Best. Review. Ever.

Screw it, I think it's awesome. There, said it. The first three were immensely enjoyable if you went to the cinema expecting nothing more than transforming robots blowing stuff up. Looking forward to this.

Still a better love story than Twi... actually, no!

*BIG SPOILERS** It's not Prime - they just purposely cut the trailer to make you assume that - thanks to the lovely folks at recent toy fairs we know that its actually Galvatron (I know - what the fuzzy Duck, right?!?).

Or it could start as Prime then Galvatron (presume that's Gun Face in the trailer) copies him? Dunno - just know that the toy of the grey G1 looking lorry is labeled as Galvatron on the box (Google for pictures)...

I feel like Hasbro/Paramount are maliciously torturing me. Michael Bay is Satan, agreed? Thank you. 1, 2, 3... transformers films by him were enough, but 4? I loved transformers as a nipper and and have my least favourite director making ALL the films; films that share no shape whatsoever to the original cartoons and comics tonally or thematically. They are neither kids films nor adults films, they are bad films by a bad man. Go to hell Bay and wake up Paramount/Hasbro, look at what else is going in the comic/sci-fi crossover film world, you're being outclassed a hundred fold.

apart from it won't because there's barely any transformers in the films

There's been almost nothing in the cinemas lately worth going to here in Australia lately. I'll most likely see this just to have an excuse to go. Hell I was lucky, I saw 1 & 3 in the cinema (which I enjoyed, come on people it doesn't exactly say historical drama on the poster) and managed to avoid paying to see 2 which was justifiably a train wreck.

Michael Bay and the production designers for the transformers films should be keel hauled, drawn and quartered, and tarred and feathered. I abhor the design of the robots. They took all of the humanity out of the characters and made them look like giant shambling hunks of scrap metal. As a result, the audience cannot identify with the characters at all. You had cartoons and comic books and fan art and toys to go off of to design the title characters for one of the most beloved franchises ever....and yet Optimus Prime's face looks like a tin can I crushed for recycling last night. Granted, I understand the reason behind the overly complicated robot designs. The mashing together of the characters in a fight scene is so convoluted that it actually forms a subliminal message telling the audience to go buy transformer toys. At least you found a competent actor for this film - but of course, because Michael Bay has absolutely no talent as a director, we will see more of the humans than the characters we all wanted to see on screen in the first place. After seeing transformers with wrecking ball testicles, two terrible stereotyped characters, and Leonard Nimoy quoting himself from another and infinitely better film franchise, I personally, I would rather have all of the hair on my body removed slowly with duct tape than watch anymore of these transformer travesties. It takes a lot to get me to post a rant online like this....but I loved the transformers cartoons and toys back in the 80s...and to see it destroyed in such a manner is heartbreaking.

No LeBeouf.



I know I'm kidding myself, but I can't help nurture a slim hope that this might actually be passable.

I posted a rant about this film franchise for a few minutes and then deleted it. Your observation is perfect.

Are you sure its 2 only hours? Because when I last put myself through that it felt more like like 5.

Lost for words. That is the best description of these movies ever :D

I'll definitely go see it. It's massive robots blowing s**t up and Mark Walhberg is in it.

Regardless of how poor this film will most likely be, it's going to be fun and it's going to look amazing.

It's what Bay does, so I am over having a go at him anymore.

It's when he does stuff like Pain & Gain where I can at least say, "Just go and make more films about things blowing up please. Stick to what you know".

Feel like I'm having an epileptic fit. Anyone else loathe that with these style of trailers that the microsecond edits and all the crap on screen makes it impossible to focus on what's actually happening? Visual diarrhea.

Robots in disguise, we need to blend in! Quick, turn into a several hundred-ton metal dragon that vaguely resembles a creature that has been extinct for millions of years and start tearing the crap out of everything!

No LeBeouf = check
G1 prime = check
dinobots = check
less comedy = check
more mature = check
prime bitchslapping a t-rex dinobot like a boss = check check check oh god check

Yes. Yes he did.

No Stan Bush - going to suck

If they work Spectre General and NRG onto the soundtrack i might forgive the awful redesign of Grimlock....nah

Crap or not, the special effects are incredible on these films

Every time another transformer film comes out I pray for it to be successful on the off chance an inevitable sequel will fall into the hands of a director who can do justice to the characters. Im planning to go and see this one, but if bumblebee has no dialogue again for no apparent reason I won't be going back until someone else gets a shot.

yeah, imho only starscream and optimus have looked cool so far. Somewhere between the movie style and original style would have done it for me. there are lots of problems with the TF films, but there are 2 massive ones Michael Bay, who I absolutely despise... I mean that, I ****ing despise him, and the complete (almost) disconnection from the source material. You have a fantastic well of history to mine, then do it. make it about robots not 70% about terrible terrible human characters, and there's about 10 other problems running close behind. I'm gonna leave it there apart from making a another dig at the purest of ****s that is Michael Bay (have I mentioned already how much I ****ing hate HATE Michael Bay?)

lmfao! I actually tried to watch a transformers film once, but literally couldn't engage into it. it was one big disorienting CGI blur.


Sorry but it is Prime, Galvatron is an entirely different truck. Galvatron is an Argosy and they even have the Action figure of Prime as the rusty truck. That is according to the toy fairs that you blatantly have NOT looked at or paid attention to. :)

Prime one-shotting Grimlock? I don't think so. Looks like they will be going with the Dinobots being a human construction or big dumb brutes. Real wasted opportunity. Again. Have Grimlock another high-ranking Autobot commander who disagrees with how Prime has handled things on Earth. In keeping with the character (who'd have a fit at the number of times Prime has surrendered and the collateral damage he has built up) and also makes the transformers into characters with their own motivations. Not just glorified missiles.

The perfect description. Kudos, sir.

Looks absolutely awful. But it's got Transformers in it, so TAKE MY MONEY. Part 5 might be pushing it, though...

They were made by Wheeljack and Ratchet, based off dinosaur bones and are extremely tough. They can go places the autobots can't, where the environment is unstable, etc apparently. They're 1/3rd the size of a combiner so they'd not exactly meant to hide but meant to kick ass.

It's galvatron I think, he IS a gun lol.

Yeah but it looks like this time the humans have transformer killing weapons and are probably a much more powerful force.

I think it's actually Nemesis prime, or possibly Motormaster. My guess is more Nemesis prime though.

Yup Grimlock is the T-rex. Strafe is the 2 headed flying thingie.

Lol. It's name is Strafe though.

When combined with the hard-to-follow editing, I say that's not the case at all.

You found "Dark of the Moon" enjoyable? It was nothing but a series of disjointed vignettes with fireworks.

It's ok, based on the Spider-Man laws of reboot we only have to wait 3 years for a full on reboot! Bay out and a real director in, Transformers that don't look like they have been through the blender, and guns held by robot hands, not that come out of faces. Oh and instead of making up their own transformers actually using some more of the cast of thousands in folk lore. And, if you kill megatron he becomes galvatron. Not megatron again.


Not just scifi. If you really want to take something that has a multi generational audience and have it appeal across the board then lego have just wiped them off the planet.

Age of extinction indeed.

I saw some transforming robots but I didn't recognise any Transformers in the trailer.

And you've seen the film, so can pass judgement? Nope.

Four movies in, millions spent, fingers crossed they can finally top a movie from 1986. Marky Mark seems a good fit at the very least.

That's an old one, and wasn't the original quote about these movies 'keys being jangled in front of a baby'?

Boo, hiss.

Three films by the same director in the same franchise aren't ample evidence to base my judgement on? I think it is.

Bay makes good trailer fodder but extend it past three minutes and he struggles to make you care why these robots are the heroes they're supposed to be and why you should be rooting for any of them. The designs are characterless. The humans are ciphers. The action is unwatchable. Michael Bay's Transformers movies in a nutshell.

I'll be happy to be proved wrong because I WANT to see a good Transformers movie I just don't think Bay has it in him to change his style.

I enjoyed the first, the other two weren't great, but had some good visual effects every so often.
As I said, won't be a good film, but it will have some fun parts, if not just be fun.

Well OBVIOUSLY some people did, as it did over a BILLION dollars world wide. We want a mindless movie with robots kicking the snot out of each other. If you don't like Michael Bay movies DONT WATCH THEM

You own the internet.

I'm wasn't aware that this analogy had been used before. It's not that hard to imagine someone coming to the same conclusion as me. I'm a barber and men will often make the same off the cuff remarks about the subject as each other without knowing it.

Oh. Now it makes sense.

The first film was good, shame about 2 and 3.

Indeed. I encountered a similar thing after I inadvertently invented plagiarism. Now everybody's at it.

I read a comment somewhere saying they might also be a human creation, probably something to fight the transformers.

Very good. However, I do hope you made that quip up yourself?

Zack Snyder replaces Bay 4 more movies of kepowpowpwpowNNONONONOboomboomboom in 2028 Peter Berg goes all battleship on those transformers in 2040 you are old fart who dies in cinema while watching 80's transformer cartoon and your final thoughts are this cartoon is shiteeeeeeeeeeeee

There are two flat fronted trucks.

I wont be able to watch it because I know, when the giant battling space robots are battling and the humans are inevitably cowering away in a building or whatnot, that Marky Mark isn't gonna say "FEEL THE VIBRATIONS!".... when we all know he damn well should do. Plus, I read the cast list.... NO FUNKY BUNCH! Denied. :(

It's box office takings do not signify an enjoyable experience. It simply means many were suckered in by the marketing, and were willing to cough up the cash under the belief that it was going to be superior to the previous two. While it was certainly louder and longer, it was by no means more enjoyable. First movie I ever saw where the whole theatre groaned, winced, and sniggered throughout - we had been duped into a false sense of security by the presence of Malkovich and McDormand.

As a matter of fact, I did find Dark of the Moon enjoyable. It's big, stupid, loud and completely mindless, and that is exactly what I expect from a Bay-helmed Transformers film. Heck, the original G1 series was just as daft in a lot of places. I seriously don't get where the "people were duped" and "people were led to believe it was better" sentiments come from. Again, if you go to the cinema to see robots blowing stuff up, I don't get how you can be disappointed. I really don't understand why people expect any more than that from this franchise.

was it me or was that liam neeson grunt for optimus prime?

Yup, hang around long enough and a decent one comes out eventually. Feel free to borrow it for use at family functions and box socials.

The belief that it might've been better was somewhat influenced by the casting of McDormand, Malckovich, Dempseyi, Jeong, and Leonard Nimoy as Sentinel Prime. Not to mention the inclusion of Shockwave for the first time. That's quite an upgrade.

The "people were duped" sentiment was spelt out for you - it was the reaction of the audience in the cinema: disappointment incarnate.

If you enjoyed it, that's cool. But for me (and many others) it was a disjointed mess; a louder, longer re-run of the previous two.

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