First footage from Transformers: Age Of Extinction

Trailer Simon Brew 3 Feb 2014 - 06:54

Get a first look at footage from Michael Bay's Transformers: Age Of Extinction, as its Superbowl TV spot launches...

Thus far, very little has been revealed about Michael Bay's fourth Transformers film, Transformers: Age Of Extinction, which is due in cinemas this summer. Bay himself revealed that the first footage would come in the form of its Superbowl ad - which it has - with a trailer to follow a little later.

This Superbowl teaser then is pretty much just that - a half minute ad, that reveals a bit of footage from the film. Thus, there's Mark Wahlberg, some slow motion, some loud noises and not too much else besides that. You can see the spot below these words...

We've no exact time when to expect the full trailer, but we can't imagine it's too many weeks away...

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so i think we can safely say stuff goes bang.

Robot shmobot...critic proof drivel! This time there's dragon robots, cool..bleurgh! Its a waste of time ranting against this bilge because it makes money and shifts toys which unfortunately for Hollywood is all that matters! I don't mind watching rubbish if its entertaining rubbish, the first one was OK but the last two were loud confusing messes that were just wall to wall action and they were booooooring!It amazes me that action set pieces can be boring but Bay manages with aplomb!

Can't help but say COOUUL at the Dinobots.

Genuinely looking forward to just taking out my brain for two hours and watching this.

Goes bang! But in slo mo Daniel, in slo mo! If they slow down huge segments like the trailer shows we're going to get a 4 hour Micheal Bay film insted the usual 3 hours of shite...

though there wasn't a silhouetted shot of the military. i guess we've still to see that

It had me at Optimus Prime, riding a giant dinosaur robot. With a sword.

BAY: I need a new 'flames on Optimus' thing to piss off the G1 folks.... hmmm. I KNOW!!! HORNS ON GRIMLOCK!!!

Grimlock wouldn't let Prime ride on him like that. Grimlock always thought he was superior to Prime so it would be like Vader giving a piggy back to Boba Fett.


Looks like it would again just focus on the squishy humans.

Me Grimlock no rodeo horse! Me Grimlock KING!

Yep, exactly what we all knew it would look like. A 3rd sequel to 3 already pants films.

Nothing looks ANY different. Same look and feel to the other 3.

This franchise needed a complete reboot and new director. Adding Dinobots will not make a Michael Bay Transformers film any better.


Can't there be some sort of embargo on trailers that start with the words "Prepare.." or "This year..." ?

That aside, I'll probably see this, and feel horribly dirty/disappointed afterwards. The previous 3 Transformers films have taught me nothing.

Hated the first 3 movies (unfortunately I am the generation the cartoons and the toys was aim at the first time round) but this has MW in it so thats gotta be an improviement right ....

They have to save something for the film JP

my bad Farniboy How could i forget the basic bay formula (Slo-mo + explosions + beautiful woman - any kind of story = transformers)

Once again, Bay manages to p*ss us all off by not doing his research and doing whatever the hell he wants as he thinks it looks cool.

"Dinobot? Whats a Dinobot?? Who cares, lets put Optimus on Grimlock! It will look awesome!"

I half expect him to have Michelangelo wielding a sword and Donatello using nunchakus in TMNT. Or it's 'real' title, TANT.

Wont get fooled again!

very true

looks naff yet again, at least marky mark is in it

Can we just have a decent story and regular breaks from the action in the movie? Please?

This is one of the best posts of the year so far!

I see a dragon and godzilla... no dinobots though! Unless Grimlock and Slag had a baby and the Tyrannosatops was born!

and of course swoop has two heads!!! Come on Mr Bay, they are called the Dinobots because they look like dinosaurs! If Grimlock is that much bigger than Prime, he'll be the size of skyscrapers!

I don't know how I feel about what I just saw...

"and of course swoop has two heads!!!"

Hun-Gurrr the Terracon?

I did think that too, used to have that toy... Maybe it will be Terracons vs Dinobots... But then Hungurr didnt have wings

Hungurr not having wings means nothing, this is Michael Bay we're talking about ;)

I won't waste my money on this. How the hell can Grimlock, who's patterned after a T-Rex, be big enough that Prime can ride him like a horse, when real life T-Rex's were only 15-20 feet tall (which we know from fossils). It looks like Bay patterned Grimlock more on Godzilla than anything else.

I actually have a bad feeling that the thing Prime is on is actually all of the Dinobots combined! He is way too big to be Grimlock!

dirty (takes shower)

Bay seems to have retconned Grimlock as being Godzilla and not a T-Rex.

Do these films even have plots? Apart from some different faces and a Dinobot knock off this looks EXACTLY the same as every other trailer for a Transformers movie; explosion, explosion, shouty man, explosion, girl in peril, explosion. Can't wait!

My 11 year old nephew was speechless. I'll be cool for a couple hours and take the kids to watch it


Not to crap all over your righteous anger, but... That's more of a writer thing, not a director thing. Plus Hasbro play a part too.

Wheelie rode Grimlock in the 86 movie, and Wheelie was a bitch with a catapult, Optimus is a violent psychopath that rips faces off and is carrying an enormous sword. so yeah, WHO ISNT DOING THEIR RESEARCH???

What, you mean they haven't rebooted the franchise and visual style? Those bastards!!! That would make such a difference!!!

And I don't remember the space ships and big dinosaurs in the first one.

But you're right, it's not like these films grossed hundreds of millions, revived the franchise and are the reason tf collecting is in the middle of a renaissance. Reboot it, treat the audience like idiots, please the butthurt whiners and their ungrateful attitudes.

If you hate it, ignore it dude, you are a serious buzzkill

hey lets ditch these old weapons and give them guns!

This man has a point. Also, "Wheelie was a bitch with a catapult" made me laugh. :D

I would have liked to see a human-less movie set on Cybertron or elsewhere. Now THAT would have been something new and original brought to the table. This however looks like the same old formula rehashed with new actors.

Lol As long as he still transforms into the robot some leaked pictures suggest i really dont care who rides him, but lets be honest, kids will go freakin insane for that scene.

grimlock's gonna be a carnotaur that transforms into a tank!

obviously the writing team werent fans back in the day. hope they at least get the names right!

the modern Hasbro didnt recognize the dinobots as something that could work in the movies. even the team at High moon studios had to convince people of the value of adding them to the Fall of Cybertron game.

oooh, i shudder to think... Grimlock's name will stand but Bay stated in the past the dinobots were not in his mind. "Me Grimlock not director, me king!"

This, this, a million times THIS!!!

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