Michael Bay on Transformers, teases Transformers 4 trailer

News Simon Brew 6 Dec 2013 - 06:44

Michael Bay has responded to reports suggesting that he'd apologised for the first three Transformers films...

Production has now wrapped on next summer's fourth Transformers movie, with Michael Bay confirming that the five and a half month shoot has come to an end. The shoot has covered the US, China and Hong Kong, and Bay is now embarking on a length post-production period.

Anyway, he's taken to his website to deny reports that he'd apologised for previous Transformers movies, and that he shot the last three "less cool" than the new one. He explained in a post on his website that "it is a drag talking to reporters on sets. Why? Because often times they take your words and skew things to their liking".

Bay went on to reveal that work is also underway on putting together a first promo for the film. "I think the first piece comes out for the Super Bowl and a teaser right after that", he said.

Transformers: Age Of Extinction (nee Transformers 4) is set for release on June 27th 2014. We're hoping it's better than the three before, in truth.

Michael Bay.

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I didn't really have to much of a problem with 1-3. I thought they were fun and i really like the designs of the Transformers. Really hard to take blocky '80's and update it to modern times. Liked them all. My kids liked them all. They are a fun good time with big robots killing/breaking/destroying stuff! Totally a good time!

I liked 1 and 2. 3 was offensive. But the robot designs overall were awful. I could not cope with the "shredded metal" look. They were almost indistinguishable from one another to my eye. I had no idea who was fighting who half the time, which killed a lot of the drama in the fight scenes for me.

The first one was awesome, the second one dragged it's heels and was a bit incoherent, and the third was pretty darn good, a movie worthy of it's 3D presentation.
The only gripe I have with the movies is that someone like Sam Witwicky can score a hottie like Megan Fox, then move way up in the ladder and score Rosie (just sayin', unemployed, hasn't told Rosie he is BFF's with transformers so obviosuly he is making her smile with something else....schwing!)

To be honest I quite liked 1, 2 I found dull and 3 better than that with some excellent 3D. The main problem I had with them was the slightly OTT and creepy titilation. Every time Megan or Rosie came on screen its almost as if you could hear Bay giving direction saying "Ere' luv, come on lets 'ave those beauties out on show a bit more, lets 'ave 'em out for the lads! Phwoarrrr!!!".
The Sam Witwicky character seemed to have been written as a numpty as well that got cranked up full volume from 2 onwards. Im not a violent person but I kept hoping he would get punched in the face whenever I saw him after the first one...

The first 3 where shite but I tried to like them. The over-complex design of the transformed robots, robots on skates, robot ebonics, slapstick robots etc, etc. Transformers should have been the film that Pacific Rim finally succeeded in. *Deep growl* Don't fail again Mr Bay.

I've just ignored 1-3 of Bay's awfulness and like to pretend that when ever anyone mentions a Transformers movie, they are of course refering to the Animated Movie with Unicron et al. Cos it rules.

yeah man

something between the blocky originals and what we got in the new films. that kinda design worked well for the lusher new comics. But even worse than this was it completely failed to feel like any of the previous canon and feel of what proper trans fans like myself imagine when we create the transformers feel in our own heads. well off target and it's ****** me off since the 1st of the new films came out

I can kind of understand the over-complicated look of the robots. They were supposed to be able to transform into pretty much anything after scanning it. So, they would need a large number of small parts in order to achieve that. If they had just a few large parts, they'd look like Lego approximations when they transformed into their vehicle form.

It doesn't mean that I like it though. I could have easily suspended my disbelief and done without lips on Optimus Prime. Sheesh...

Transformers - Pretty Good, enjoyable.
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - Meh, I've seen better/worse
Transformers: Dark of the Moon - No, just no.

The recent Transformers video game was actually better than all 3 movies.

The first was 'ok' it had the best Megatron Vs Optimus fight - but other than that I don't remember any of it.

The second I've tried removing from memory.

The third was just dull.

Transformers - 'Ok'
Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen -Removed from memory-
Transformers: DOTM - Dull

All three great movies. Excited for TF4!

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