Villain cast for Transformers 4

News Simon Brew 2 May 2013 - 06:24

The Transformers will be doing battle with Frasier Crane, as Kelsey Grammer joins Transfomers 4...

Now that Pain & Gain is finished and out in the world (well, it's not in the UK yet, but that'd ruin the intro if we pointed that out. Oops), director Michael Bay can turn his attention to his fourth Transformers movie.

We already know that the film has Mark Wahlberg and Stanley Tucci amongst its cast. But with production set to begin over the summer, it seems as though the film's villain has been locked down.

That's because it's being reported that Frasier Crane himself, Kelsey Grammer, is taking on the role of Harold Attinger in the film, described as "a counter intelligence guy". He'll be the human antagonist in the movie, although which robots in disguise he'll be working alongside remains to be seen.

More on Transformers 4 when we get it.


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The only film worse than Transformers 2 was Transformers 3. I won't be fooled into another £10-a-ticket robbery Mr Bay.

Interesting how Kelsey Grammer is re-launching as a non-comedy actor.

His second big foray into scifi blockbusters, his star turn in Boss, etc.

It is indicative of everything wrong with these movies that the major antagonists are supposed to be the human characters... Why should I care about the sexy doctor prick in the third one trying to get one over on Shia LaBoef? There are massive robots fighting outside! Go film the fighting robots!

I'm not interested in this series, nor will I ever be, but this is interesting casting. Although I'm not sure I'll be able to get Stinky Pete from Toy Story 2 out of my mind.

I guess all I can do is quote This Is Spinal Tap. "Money talks and bullshit walks"... unfortunately I don't see Mr. Bay walking away any time soon, so it must be the money.

Mr Bay just make Transformers the Movie animated film into live action with all the tunes that play in said film intact and you'll have a brilliant film, awesome bad guy and a good excuse for transformer deaths not just throw away unknowns. Actually I take this back you'll ruin it!!

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