Lead actors for Transformers 4 found

News Simon Brew 11 Dec 2012 - 06:57

Two relatively unknown faces are taking on the roles of the young male and female leads in Michael Bay's Transformers 4...

We suspect we might get a trailer for Michael Bay's next film, Pain And Gain, at some point in the next week. That's due out in April, and features Mark Wahlberg. As does Bay's next project, the fourth Transformers movie.

Production is set to start on whatever Transformers 4 ends up being called next spring, and the two young leads for the film now appear to have been found.

Thus, Nicola Peltz - who appeared as Katara in M Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender - is set to play Wahlberg's daughter in Transformers 4. Her boyfriend, meanwhile, will be Brenton Thwaites, who's recently been working on the Angelina Jolie-headlined Disney movie, Maleficent.

As the supporting cast is fleshed out, we'll let you know. Transformers 4 is due in cinemas in the summer of 2014.


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I have to admit, although I hoped for less human action in the new film, this casting does have a feeling of Spike & Buster about it, which I find fairly good news.

I can hardly contain my excitement for this. Honest.

1 was the best. 2 was okay. 3 is the worst. I don't think I'll bother.

So Wahlberg's definitely in? I missed that announcement, thought he was only a 'maybe'. Cool!

What annoys me, is that you just know this film will make SO much money at the box office, but undoubtedly be complete and utter s**t.

How does Bay do it!?

How does he generate the studios SO much money, and yet never makes a good film?

Stop paying to see movies by Bay! (S.P.M.B)


cant believe its not The Stath

I disagree. I'd say 3,1,2.

Definitely would've redeemed this franchise. Sad panda. :(

I really think they should go the Tropic Thunder route and play this as a comedy.

Buzzing for this...

If you cancel out the bad lead acting and focus on the story, action and effects of his films then you may actually appreciate them for what they are... Good Quality entertainment!

I seriously do not see the prejudice against Bay when truly, truly awful travesties (such as 'The-Totally-Less-Than-Amazing-and-Complete-CashCow... Spiderman reboot) are being committed and even more cinema goers are brainwashed into spending their money.

False information, Bay has already denied this on his site.

They're really not.

The second film was all over the place and the 3rd film was a mind and arse numbing bore fest.

The second film is definitely the worst of the three, but still entertaining in parts.
The third (apart from Ken Jeong's part...) is a complete turnaround! Story: Brilliant! (Chernobyl & Moon Landing tie ins?! C'mon!)
Effects: Cooler! (When Bumblebee throws Shia and transforms around him? and the giant Cybertronian worm (Which I hasten to add 'The Avengers' totally ripped off!! (apart from theirs flew instead of eating its way up a building..)

and Action I need not comment on because it has been consistently awesome in all three..

Are you 5 years old?

Why reply with that **** man? Are you 14 years old?
You've added nothing to contradict my argument.. just made yourself look a tool, grow up..

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