Michael Bay responds to Hugo Weaving’s Transformers comments

News Simon Brew 19 Oct 2012 - 07:34

As he prepares to start work soon on Transformers 4, director Michael Bay has a word or two aimed at Hugo Weaving...

Michael Bay has rarely given the impression of a man who sat meekly in the corner when he was told off at school, and as the likes of Megan Fox have found out in the past, if you criticise him in the media, then he generally doesn’t tend to take it very well.

Not that Hugo Weaving seemed to be massively criticising him earlier in the week. Taken out of context, the actor made comments about his voiceover work on the Transformers movies, where he said it was “meaningless to me”. However, to be fair to him, he was talking about the body of work that he was interested in, rather than apparently aiming a flame gun at Michael Bay’s head.

Still, not helped by sites such as this one, the story took a different turn, and Michael Bay has responded. It sounds like Hugo Weaving won’t be getting a Christmas card from Bay Towers this year.

“Do you ever get sick of actors that make $15 million a picture, or even $200,000 for voiceover work that took a brisk one hour and 43 minutes to complete, and then complain about their jobs?" wrote Bay on his website. "With all the problems facing our world today, do these grumbling thespians really think people reading the news actually care about trivial complaints that their job wasn’t ‘artistic enough’ or ‘fulfilling enough’? I guess The Hollywood Reporter thinks so".

He continued: "What happened to people who had integrity, who did a job, got paid for their hard work, and just smiled afterward? Be happy you even have a job – let alone a job that pays you more than 98% of the people in America”.

He then suggested that unhappy actors should just donate their fee to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Africa, offering to match any donations they make. Whether you like Bay or not, due credit to the man, and given the manner in which the story was reported, he’s perfectly entitled to respond.

Here’s the post at his website.

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unhappy actors can donate their fee to me thanks!

Not a great fan of the movies but totally agree with Bay.....too may actors that have made it look down on the industry that pays for their indulgent lifestyles....

Damn. I was about to criticise Bay for an outburst because... well just because :P Alas, I'm finding it difficult to disagree with him. He's got a perfectly valid point here. Although as DoG mention, I think Bay took Weaving's remarks WAY out of context. But I think everyone on the internet (including myself) is guilty of that now and then :)

The page has been removed from Bay's site, probably because he later realised he was acting like a 12 yr old responding to the headlines rather than what the actor said, which was in fact nothing to do with Michael Bay (apart from the fact that he had never met Bay in person) but more to do with that kind of work not really interesting him. Its a two hour job and a lot of money, of course he's going to do it. It's just not particularly challenging or interesting to him. Seems reasonable to me, unlike Bay's pretty childish response.

Something tells me Bay is a little defensive. Maybe it is because he ruined what the transformers franchise could have been and pissed on many fans of the original toys and comics dreams of what a transformers movie/s could have been. Just shut up Bay, you hack!

Hey Bay - Kettle. Black. I seem to remember he didn't care for the franchise when he did the first film. He called it stupid and uninteresting and he only did it for the money. It's only when it became the most successful film of his career that he started defending the films, whilst still not really respecting the source.

Erm, did Michael Bay really just say "What happened to people who had integrity"?

OH! So Bay's way of working is he's just happy to make movies! I understand him better now.

Can we all just get together and throw Bay under a bus (literally)?

Sorry Bay, normally i agree with you....but i side with Weaving on this one.

he does have a point..

The trouble is that the comments were taken out of context, and if Bay had any brains he would have realised that, or would have at least read the original article. Anyway, Shia said that Transformers 2 was sh*t but that didn't seem to offend Bay's ethics as an "artist".

"Do you ever get sick of over paid directors who take beloved childhood characters (even though he doesn't give a crap about their mythology) and uses them to sustain his mediocre action career? With all the problems facing the world today does anyone care about an A-hole with too much money, complaining about someone doing exactly what he's doing to get back at the first person doing something he didn't like. It's bad enough that he gets paid more than 98% of Americans and then donates his money to another country, now he has to keep going on these angry tirades (remember the TMNT response a few months ago)?

I won't defend the artistic merits of Bay's Transformers films. But, I'd hardly call him a hack. He makes very explosion-y films that make a sh**-load of money. And...lots of kids really liked the films - mine included. He's very successful and at least consistent. I even kinda enjoyed the first one. Megan Fox had a couple of things to do with that I'm sure.

The guy makes a good point. It's just a shame that it's a reaction to an out-of-context quotation and that it's Michael Bay; soon-to-be director of four (FOUR!) Transformer films, who's having a go at people for lacking integrity. That said, props to him for the statement, which is fair enough when taken out of context ITSELF.

Voice acting is hard work, and actors who talk ill of it deserve none of the "easy" money for doing it.
And all you people hating Michael Bay for talking about integrity are just sheep. His statement is consistent with his actions.

in·teg·ri·ty noun \in-ˈte-grə-tē\
A firm adherence to a code of especially moral values
His code is to be grateful of the job he was given. Has he ever complained that his directing career wasn't fulfilling enough for him? No.

Maybe if the script had been better Huge might have cared more?

I got barred from bays web site for some constructive criticism of transformers 2!

I detest the Transformers films with a passion and find much of Bay's work awful (aside from The Rock, which is awesome) but have to side with him on this. Find it increasingly annoying when actors publicly declare their films as crap (to the detriment of the crew who slogged their guts out for much smaller pay packets), when they made the choice to be involved in the first place.

i like turtles

Bay? His films ARE meaningless. What's his point?

At the end of the day, nobody apart from the technicians or special effects gurus take pride in Transformers movies. They are vehicles to produce ticket sales. That said, Weaving is paid a lot of money in an industry people would sell their grandmothers to be part of, so he should quietly accept his good fortune and not give Michael Bay the chance to sound rational, for GAWKS sake!

You are meaningless too, and even more meaningless than his films.

Hell, we're all meaningless.

The Matrix Revolutions the script wasn't that good and still it seemed Weaving cared.

By constructive criticism you must mean ranting about how Michael Bay is the antichrist and he should be fired off the film and he's torching your childhood blah blah blah.

Oh god, Michael Bay the antichrist of cinema said something right (albeit to a misinterpreted comment, thanks media), I thought he had no soul or just based it on my emotions I have over his movies.

Shia said Indiana Jones 4 wasn't that good, notice a pattern here. He always backtracks on the movies he does, in several years time I'm sure he'll say Lawless wasn't up to snuff or eagle eye. It's not really that professional at all for him to be doing it in the first place.

Weaving's quote was mis-directed, it was never about hating Bay or anything with Megatron. Bay just overreacted, (which he does a lot from the stories on the set), to a out of context quote.

Ok, why just because he says responds to what he thinks is criticism (it isn't but thanks to the media it is) or you just didn't like his movies. No amount of bad movies Bay ever has done is worth threatening death on the man. That's really stupid and kind of extreme.

Oh, yes the guy who I hated for him directing so many movies I hated actually has integrity. It can't be possible, he's suppose to be the devil, the antichrist of cinema, have no soul. Yet he does, fascinating. Could it be that, I'm just basing my opinions off of my opinions of his movies and not considering he actually is a human being?

I really never remember him saying that, so I'm starting to think that is all hearsay and rumors. There is no documented dialogue to indicate he felt that way. So you are suddenly putting words into his mouth and by the way there are writers on this movie don't you know. People who had more to do with not respecting the source than he did, and he was just the freaking director.

Or, that he just enjoys making movies and reaps the added benefits of making a lot of money and making his audience happy. And that he took a out of context quote seriously, without looking into it. He may not make you happy, but that's because you take a show about talking robots so seriously. That when a movie adaptation of the live action comes along your getting all uptight over a stupid movie.

And he's not a hack, a hack is McG, or Roland Emmerich. Bay at least has some certain trademark style to his films, like it or not.

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