Paramount updates on Top Gun 2, M:I 5, Transformers 4 & Jack Ryan

News Simon Brew
26 Apr 2012 - 07:09

Paramount’s film group boss has the latest on new Top Gun, Mission: Impossible, Transformers and Jack Ryan movies. Details here…

A new interview has popped up over at The Hollywood Reporter with Adam Goodman, who is the president of the film group at Paramount. In it, he’s asked about the status of a few projects, including one or two that may just be on your own radars. So let’s take a look.

Firstly, there’s Transformers 4, which Michael Bay will be directing, for a summer 2013 release. Goodman was asked if making a new Transformers movie without Shia LaBeouf on board was risky (er, we didn’t come up with the question). Goodman replied, saying “The story is going in a different direction now. Ehren Kruger is writing it for us, and we're starting to engage, but I can't say anything more”.

Kruger previously penned Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen and Transformers: Dark Of The Moon.

Top Gun 2 sounds like it’s moving ahead, too. When asked about a further Mission: Impossible movie (which Paramount had previously said was in its plans), Goodman said that “we'll likely make a Top Gun sequel with Tom Cruise first. Jerry Bruckheimer would produce, with Tony Scott returning to direct. All parties are moving ahead. We've hired Peter Craig to write the script.”

He also revealed that the latest Jack Ryan reboot is planned to shoot once Star Trek is done, thus releasing Chris Pine to star in the new movie. “I think the idea is to try and get it for 2013”.

Things seem to be moving on each of the projects, then, although details remain relatively thin on the ground. You can read the full interview here.

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