Transformers 4 confirmed for 2014, Michael Bay directing

News Simon Brew
14 Feb 2012 - 06:43
Transformers 3

It’s definite: Michael Bay will be making another Transformers film, as he signs a two-picture deal with Paramount Pictures…

After the really not very good Transformers: Dark Of The Moon made a mountain of cash, it was little surprise that both Hasbro and Paramount Pictures were keen to continue the franchise. But initial reports suggested that director Michael Bay was done after three Transformers movies, and wouldn’t be returning for a fourth.

However, more recently, his view appeared to soften, and chatter about Bay returning for a Transformers 4 followed. And as it turned out, said chatter was bang on the money, because the man himself has just confirmed that he will indeed be returning to make it.

The news was confirmed over at his own website, where Bay said that “I have just concluded a deal with Paramount to do two movies, but it won’t be two Transformers. I will first do Pain & Gain with Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Then I will do the next Transformers for release on June 29, 2014”.

Pain & Gain is a low budget ($25m) movie that Bay has been keen to make for a long time. Presumably we cam expect that in 2013.

As for Transformers 4? It’s going to be a reboot of sorts, too, kicking off a new Transformers story arc. We’ve heard nothing, though, about the rumours floating around a few months ago that Jason Statham was being sought to feature in Transformers 4.

With regards Michael Bay, we can’t help but feel that the better days of The Rock and Bad Boys now seem a long, long time ago…


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