News round-up: Johnny English 2, Transformers 3, Cartel, American Pie, 3D Sharks

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8 Apr 2010 - 07:21

Lots of news in one place, including a sequel to Johnny English, casting for Transformers 3 and the man behind Snakes On A Plane tackling sharks…

Lots to tell you about here, so we'll get down to business if that's okay...

Johnny English 2

Rowan Atkinson is set to make a sequel to his hit British comedy Johnny English. The original film, released in 2003, was based around the character he used to play in a series of adverts for a credit card company. Oliver Parker, co-director of the two recent St Trinian's movies, is being lined up to direct, and Atkinson is set to return in the title role.


Transformers 3

As many had expected, Kevin Dunn and Julia White have signed up to appear in the third Transformers movie. The pair play Ron and Judy Witwicky, the parents of Shia La Beouf's character. Megan Fox and Tyrese Gibson are also returning, alongside La Beouf himself. Production will start later this year.


Given the number of financial disappointments that it's suffered in recent months - with the underperforming Green Zone being the latest - Universal is reorganising its slate of upcoming movies. One casualty of that was the soon-to-shoot Josh Brolin thriller Cartel, which was set to go before the cameras in five weeks' time. Asger Leth had been set to direct the film, which has been canned over issues of budget, script and the safety of its Mexican location.

Deadline Hollywood

American Pie

We missed this earlier in the week, but it seems as though Universal has found the new team to bring the American Pie series back to cinemas. Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg, who created the Harold And Kumar films, are reportedly writing a script that's going to pick things up after American Pie: The Wedding, the last of the series to get a cinema release. Their plan is to bring back lots of the original cast for the new film.

Shark Night 3-D

We should probably declare that we're fans of David R Ellis before delivering you this story. Appreciating that The Final Destination was crap, he's nonetheless given the world Cellular, Snakes On A Plane and the finest Final Destination movie to date, Final Destination 2. For his next film? He's moving from snakes to sharks, with Shark Night 3D. It's apparently ‘Jaws for the 3D generation', although from where we're sitting, that box was ticked with the, er, ‘testing' Jaws 3D. Jesse Studenberg and Will Hayes have written the script for the film, and if it can at least capture the sheer joy of Deep Blue Sea (a film we can't help but love), then there's going to be at least one ticket sold right here...

Deadline Hollywood

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