Transformers 3: big news round-up

News Simon Brew
23 Mar 2010 - 06:03

Casting, shooting, script and location news for next summer’s Transformers 3, as Michael Bay gets ready to roll cameras…

Various pieces of news have sprung up surrounding Michael Bay's third Transformers movie over the past day or so, and so it made sense to bring them all together in one post. Which is, er, what we've done...

* Frances McDormand has joined the cast of the film, and she's set to be playing the National Intelligence Director in the film. Furthermore, John Malkovich is also on board (given that he doesn't have to shoot Spider-Man 4 any more, presumably). He's down to play Shia LaBeouf's first boss. Lucky man.

* Also on board is the marvellous Ken Jeong, whose performance as the king in Role Models remains for us his finest supporting role to date. We've no idea what he's doing in Transformers 3 yet, but we're certainly glad to see him there.

* Last week, it was also confirmed that Josh Duhamel and Tyrese Gibson were returning, alongside Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox.

* It was also revealed last week that the screenplay for the film appears to be locked, meaning it's all systems go for production itself.

* Furthermore, Michael Bay has given an update on the project. Bay, via his website, has revealed that the shoot is going to cover China, Moscow, Africa, Texas, Florida, Washington DC, Los Angeles and Chicago. Sounds like a typically modest Bay production to us. Furthermore, pre-shoots for the film begin in around a month's time.

The film itself is set for release next summer, on July 1st 2011, to be precise. And you can read more on the above stories at Deadline New York and

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