Michael Bay offers Transformers 3 update

News Simon Brew
27 Jan 2010 - 09:00

The location scouting for Transformers 3 is well underway, and Michael Bay has something to say about the script, too...

Michael Bay is clearly already hard at work on the third Transformers film, which is heading to cinemas on July 1st 2011. Using his official website, he’s revealed that he’s been scouting locations across America for the past week (taking in Chicago, Washington and Detroit looking for things to break) as pre-production continues on the film.

The most interesting part of his update, though, is his talk about the script. He’s hinted before that we’re getting something a bit more character driven this time, and he’s edging in that direction again, noting that “the script is feeling very different from the other two”.

It’d certainly help if it felt different to the screenplay for the second film, which was rushed to fit it around the writers’ strike at the time. Ehren Kruger, he who took over the writing duties on the Scream franchise for its third film, is the man responsible for the screenplay.

You can read the update at michaelbay.com (which is about as shy and retiiring a website as you can get, opening with a big picture of Michael Bay signing autographs in front of enthusiastic fans. We might try that on this site. Ahem...)

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