Michael Bay gives new Transformers 4 details

News Simon Brew 12 Nov 2012 - 06:58

Transformers 4 is set to take place many years after Transformers: Dark Of The Moon, Michael Bay has revealed…

As he continues to work on next year’s Pain & Gain, Michael Bay is slowly but surely switching back into Transformers mode, as he looks to put together the 2014 release, Transformers 4.

Last year it was confirmed that Mark Wahlberg is joining the cast of the film, and now Bay has given a bit more information on where it’s set in the Transformers movie timeline. He called into TMZ Live, and revealed that “the movie is going to continue four years on from the attack in Chicago which was in the last movie”.

Bay added that “it’s going to have the same lineage but go in a full, new different direction and it actually feels really natural how it is going in that direction”.

This is fully in line with what’s been said all along about Transformers 4: it’s connected to the other three, so isn’t a full-on reboot. But it’s also distant enough from them to allow a lot of new elements to be brought in.

More on Transformers 4 as we get it.

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Is that the official logo for Transformers 4?

If so - When they can't even make that look half decent, what hope is there? They might as well just sit down and film themselves playing with the toys on someone's living room carpet and release that. Advertise it enough and you'll still get the required numbers of ppl going to see it.

Another two hour toy advert.

I still don't see this being radically different from the previous movies.

Bay is great at the action stuff but his inability to draw out character from the giant robots just works against the films and dilutes the initial appeal of the product.

Just look at the recent animation series, as cartoony as it was, it could still give you characters to root for and against with no confusion as to who was who.

Two hours would be an improvement. The last one was over 2 and a half hours.


I'm sorry....I'm so, so sorry.

Less Humans, more robots.

Sorry, he ain't even "great at the action stuff".

I see you that, and raise you Tr4nsformers.

This is just wrong! I hope you each step on small pieces of LEGO while barefoot on your next late night bathroom runs.


Yeah, I'm running on empty....

Jesus H. Christ they haven't even started filming yet and the cynicism is OVER 9000.

He knows how to blow stuff up and make it look good at the same time. It's everywhere else where his film-making tends to fall down.

I'd rather watch this than a Wahlberg/Bay sequel. Heck no.

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