Mark Wahlberg confirmed for Transformers 4

News Simon Brew 9 Nov 2012 - 06:27

Mark Wahlberg will do battle with giant robots in Michael Bay's Transformers 4...

It was a day or two ago when director Michael Bay revealed that the internet rumour mill had given him the idea to cast Mark Wahlberg in the forthcoming Transformers 4. Now? We've got an official statement, that confirms the news.

Bay and Wahlberg have just worked together on Pain And Gain, which is arriving in cinemas next year. And once that's fully done, Michael Bay is moving ahead with Transformers 4, which is due to shoot next spring, ahead of its June 27th 2014 release date.

"Mark is awesome", Bay says in the official press release. "We had a blast working on Pain And Gain and I’m so fired up to be back working with him. An actor of his caliber is the perfect guy to re-invigorate the franchise and carry on the Transformers’ legacy".

If we were cynical sausages, we might point out that there's a good reason why the franchise needs reinvigorating, but we'll let you join those particular dots.

Oh, they've release official artwork for the film, too. That's what you can see in the picture at the top. Bet you a quid it doesn't end up being called Transformers 4.

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Oh dear, and they could have had Jason Statham

I think this could work. He was ace in Shooter (VERY Under-rapted film in my opinion), BRILLIANT in The Departed and cool in Ted. The guy is a decent actor. Better than Shia le Sh** anyway.
Now PLEASE Bay... get a woman that can act. She doesn't have to be in the top 3, 10 even 20 in the world. Just SOMEONE who can deliver a line. PLEASE!

Ha! I owe you a pint for that comment.

I still reckon that whole rumour was caused by someone in Hollywood who misheard a conversation about the possibility of getting The Stath in to make Transporter 4

If anything, at least this confirms that it will not be centered around an annoying 'kid'. Which hopefully means it will be a more dark/gritty Transformers with plenty of action and no stupid jokes all the time.

Although it could also turn out to be Pearl Harbour with robots.

I'll accept that quid-related challenge! Let us discuss in private later on using Twitter!

Hhaha! Yeah, I forgot about Shooter, but that was pretty good. Marky Mark is more than a great set of abs that gives my wife ideas (thanks for that, Mark! :-)

He can actually act - which could be a nice change for Transformers.

and with the accents (CA and UK) it's an understandable mistake. Besides, with Stath...he would take on the whole Decepticon armada single-handedly and that would make for a pretty dull movie.

I, (thank all that is good in the world), have never seen Pearl Harbour. It's a source of pride.

They will call it Trans4mers

Oh good grief. I hadn't thought of that. Let's hope not :(

"He can act" - Mostly. He seemed to have temporarily lost that ability for the ever so bizarre "The Happening". Unless he was deliberately playing a school teacher as if he was borderline autistic.

Oh I don't know. I might pay good money for two hours of the Stath nutting gigantic robots in their metal groins and fighting them with a t-shirt.

That was a mess, I agree...

LOL. Yes! Take my money please!

It's a shame because I quite liked the concept, and the actual spectacle of people leaping off buildings en mass, feeding themselves to zoo animals and lawnmowering their own faces was quite cool but it was spoilt by Wahlberg's weird performance and a lack of a proper ending.

I stopped watching Shayamalan's movies after The Happening. I liked Signs, Unbreakable, 6th Sense, the Village, and was so-so on Lady in the Water. Then I was pumped to see another good film from him and was so very disappointed after watching the Happening. Never saw Airbender and I think he had another one too. After Earth I won't see simply because Jr Smith irks me soooo much - almost as much as Julia Roberts. I hope he reboots his career with After Earth so I can look forward to more good movies from him.

Look lets not forget he isnt the star - the robots are the stars or at least they should be, make a Transformers movie that trully kicks ass!

Never before, or since, has the rule of diminishing returns been so accurate a description.

Shame on you Marky Mark. I thought you were better than that.

So will he transform into a Joe's Garage Auto Plooker? Certainly that is type casting.

Cant wait, Walberg is a great actor he will bring a maturity to it, i hope the film wont go too dark, i wonder what important part of earths history they will use as a backstory this time, they could use the philadelphia experiment mystery or mabey a conspiracy partially set in london (something to with the royal family in league with the decepticons and causing princess dianas death), it would be nice to see Decepticons blowing up big ben lol.

that would be brilliant

that sounds great, Pearl harbor was caused by decepticons

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