Michael Bay rules out Mark Wahlberg for Transformers 4

News Simon Brew 24 Oct 2012 - 06:23
Win Mark Wahlberg's mood ring!

Mark Wahlberg, contrary to reports, isn't about to join Transformers 4. But he is in talks with Michael Bay about something else...

Well, this was a story that moved quite quickly. A few hours ago, when we were fast asleep and dreaming of electric sheep, a rumour sprung up that Mark Wahlberg had moved onto Michael Bay's radar for his upcoming Transformers 4.

It's no secret that there's pretty much a whole new cast coming in for the next Transformers film, but Mark Wahlberg didn't quite seem to fit what we know about the movie to date. Easy for us to say, of course, because you're probably guessing where this is going.

Michael Bay has taken to his website to quickly denounce the rumour, yet also to tease something else. "The Mark Wahlberg T4 rumor is just a rumor", Bay posted, before adding "Mark and I are talking about another film project".

We'd like to think that project is something akin to The Rock 2, but we suspect that's not the case. Still, when we get some solid Transformers 4 casting news, we'll bring it your way...

Michael Bay.

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Thank god!


Wahlberg is a very talented actor. So glad he is not lowering himself to a below par, dying (non financial of course) franchise.

I'm always undecided about Wahlberg. He was great in "Ted" but was awful in "The Happening" no consistency

Plus i've never really forgiven him for all that Funky Bunch business

I think he plays one particular role >really< well, but if he goes either side of that - awful.

I don't think we can really blame MW for The Happening. He did the best he could with a bad script. Clearly MW, like most actors has a range and when he is in it, he is good so he should just stick to it. Boogie Nights was perfect.

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