Transcendence: the first full trailer

Trailer Ryan Lambie 21 Dec 2013 - 10:16

The first trailer for Wally Pfister's debut Transcendence has arrived. Take a look within...

We've already seen a couple of teaser trailers for Wally Pfister's directorial debut Transcendence, but now, here's a clearer picture of what his science fiction thriller looks like - and as you'd expect from the cinematographer behind Christopher Nolan's films, it's atmospherically shot. 

Johnny Depp stars as a computer scientist whose consciousness is uploaded into a digital space, thus creating the first truly conscious computer - but as you can see from the snippets of angst and destruction below, the scientific breakthrough isn't without its drawbacks.

With a cracking supporting cast, including Rebecca Hall, Morgan Freeman and Cillian Murphy, Transcendence is one of our most eagerly anticipated films of next year, and what we've seen so far certainly doesn't disappoint. 

Transcendence is out on the 25th April in UK cinemas.

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yes please! now i definately cant wait to see this!

Looks good! Although there has to be a Matrix/Terminator prequel joke in there somewhere.

Count me in.

Count me also

Ooooh yes - what a cast and story - can't wait !

I wonder why is that soil flying

This looks fantastic...

Hail the Illuminati agenda!

OMG. This really blew me away! Can't wait for it. It's really unbelievable isn't it? First we get years and years with very few decent films and now it's just one great movie after the other.

Don't be silly. . .

We can upload his consciousness, we have the technology, sorry, couldn't help myself to make the 6 million dollar man joke, looks great though

Ooooohhhhh oh oh oh yesh!
Well that has now safely slotted in behind Godzilla and just in front of Cap America 2 on my 'Want To See' List.

Damn! THIS is CREEPY!!!

This actually gave me chills. Why? Because the thoughts I've had about this subject seem to be presented in this film. Keeping fingers crossed.

good to see Johnny not pulling faces or being hyper camp

Pretty similar to Lawnmower Man, but still, I'm in for sure. I love sci-fi and techno thrillers, this does both and the look of it is amazing. Say what you will about Chris Nolan, but he works with quality people, no doubt.
Is the computer Depp able to inhabit other bodies because of the electrical impulses or something? I wonder if Electro in the ASM2 will be able to do that? If not, he should...ok, done ranting, this trailer got me pumped.

I hope the first act of this movie, the part where Depp is alive, is like 20 minutes tops.

I have a bad feeling about this. I worry it's going to be a cliche-fest. I just hope I'm wrong and it's going to have fresh ideas on display, or at least a fresh take on the concept of evil AI tries to take over the world.

Virtuosity 2.0. I'll pass.

Calling it now - this is the film to beat in 2014. Looks phenomenal!

I can remember seeing William Hurt in Altered States (during its theatrical run once upon a time!) and thinking to myself that a LOT of these movies would end a whole lot sooner if the love of a good woman persuaded the scientist/inventor/lead male character to NOT do something, or otherwise do the right thing from the start.

In this case, the love of a good woman is going to F- with a lot of lives in Transcendence. ;-)

Was there enough information in the trailer to entice me to go to the theater next year? I dunno. It looks good (if a bit predictable), and has the air of a short story written decades ago by Frederik Pohl called "Answer."

On the fence with this one, though I have no doubt I will eventually see it in some capacity.

Good! One less person in line to get popcorn.

Enjoy! :)

Nano technology, like in the videogame Deus Ex. In that game your character can become a god that manipulates matter with nano robots. This would explain how the plants could be revived too.

got it. seems that Depp will become godlike at the end of a movie. at 2:00 it seems that guys in white robes run as fast as car. Really fast. some sort of cyborgs? hope that movie won't get too comlicated on all that hi-tech

In theory, nano tech could augment humans to make them superhuman-perhaps this happens to the white robe guys.

One ending to the Deus Ex series shows nano technology being spread everywhere, and everyone becomes connected and equal- I wonder if this outcome might feature in this film?

I'm still glad they didn't remake lawnmower man.... Or did they?

Looks good.

I am hoping it isn't him going evil that does it, I am hoping it his gifts to mankind, the reverse aging of the plants for example, that will cause all the problems.

or this is some sort of computer simulation and that he invited all of mankind to transcend with him, it was soom kind of trap and he imprison mankind in a computer simulation. Hope not, to Matrix, but you never know.

Keanu passed on this?

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