Top Gun to finally get re-release in February

News Simon Brew
12 Dec 2012 - 06:32
Top Gun

The 3D version of Top Gun is finally getting a limited cinema release early in 2013...

A story with a sad undertone to it, this. Before his tragic death earlier this year, director Tony Scott was working with Tom Cruise on a belated sequel to Top Gun. However, and somewhat inevitably, the brakes have now been applied to Top Gun 2. We can't imagine that the film will ever happen now.

As part of the build up to a sequel, Paramount had stumped up for a 3D retrofit for the original Top Gun, with the idea being to release it in cinemas, and then presumably do an all-singing, all-dancing disc release later in the year. All the while, this would raise awareness for Top Gun, and the planned follow-up.

Paramount has been sitting on Top Gun 3D for a little while now as it decides what to do, and it's settled on giving the movie a brief theatrical release. As a result Top Gun 3D will be in cinemas for six days on IMAX 3D screens, starting from February 8th 2013. The press announcement also confirms that a new Blu-ray release will follow.

It's a similar approach to the one Paramount deployed with Raiders Of The Lost Ark earlier this year, and that seemed to work quite well. Expect new promotional material, complete with a youthful Tom Cruise, to appear in due course.

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