Latest Movie Top 10s

The 10 low-budget surprise hits of the last decade

Rob Kemp Top 10 Jul 26, 2012

In spite of their relatively small budgets, these films captured audience imaginations. Rob lists his pick of 10 low-budget surprise hits from each year of the last decade...

10 genuinely unsettling screen kisses

Simon Brew Ryan Lambie Top 10 Jul 19, 2012

Be they creepy, sinister or just unconvincing, here are ten examples of big screen lip-locking that remain rather uncomfortable to watch…

The top 10 unerotic erotic thrillers

Simon Brew Ryan Lambie Top 10 Jul 13, 2012

They promised sexual tension and broiling romantic chemistry, but instead made audiences squirm. Here’s our pick of 10 unerotic erotic thrillers…

10 odd things we learned from 21 Jump Street’s commentary track

Ryan Lambie Top 10 Jul 9, 2012

We’ve been having a listen to the directors’ commentary on the 21 Jump Street DVD, and here are a few strange things we’ve learned…

Top 10 wrestlers who turned to acting

James Stansfield Top 10 Jul 5, 2012

When the stresses of the ring take their toll, some wrestlers turn to acting. Here are 10 wrestlers who’ve made the tricky leap to movies…

10 great incidental Studio Ghibli characters

Ryan Lambie Top 10 Jun 27, 2012

With Howl's Moving Castle out on Blu-ray, we take a look back over Studio Ghibli's greatest incidental characters...

10 delightfully cheesy 90s sci-fi movie trailers

Ryan Lambie Top 10 Jun 18, 2012

Subtlety. Intrigue. Beauty. These are some of the things you definitely won’t find in this compendium of our favourite, cheesy 90s sci-fi movie trailers...

Top 10 Simon Pegg film and TV roles

NP Horton Top 10 Jun 12, 2012

With A Fantastic Fear Of Everything out now in the UK, Nick provides a run-down of Simon Pegg’s finest film and TV roles...

Top 10 upcoming British directors

Nick Horton Top 10 Jun 3, 2012

Nick salutes ten of the most promising upcoming British film directors around today

Top 10 sci-fi and fantasy beards

Sarah Dobbs Top 10 May 3, 2012

The sci-fi and fantasy genres simply wouldn’t be the same without a bit of arresting facial hair on its protagonists. Here are Sarah’s top 10 beards...