Latest Movie Top 10s

Top 10 unmade DC films

James Hunt Top 10 Sep 17, 2009

DC comics have a vast stable of characters to offer moviedom...and perhaps it's even time for the Boy Wonder to go it alone...?

Top 10 unmade Marvel films

The clashes of Titans to come...
James Hunt Top 10 Sep 15, 2009

With thousands of characters to choose from, here are the lesser-touted Marvel heroes most likely to get our ticket-stubs...

Top 10 Steve Martin films

Simon Brew Top 10 Sep 8, 2009

Simon reckons Steve Martin remains one of the funniest men on the planet. And here's his choice of the great man's best 10 films...

Top 10 most ridiculous falls from a great height

"I may be dropping by soon, darling..."
Martin Anderson Top 10 Aug 17, 2009

Take the plunge with us into Hollywood's hardest-to-swallow freefall extravaganzas...

Top 10 potential sci-fi franchises Hollywood ignored

Worlds to come...?
Martin Anderson Top 10 Aug 16, 2009

Here are some of the sci-fi movies that could be busting your block if we ever get tired of all the damned remakes…

Top 10 Movie Franchises that took a wrong turn

Look upon thy works and despair...
Daniel Powell Top 10 Jul 30, 2009

How hard can it be to take something everyone loves and give people a bit more of it? Apparently it is rocket science after all...

10 videogames that would make terrible movies

What, no Bioshock movie...?
Harry Slater Top 10 Jul 26, 2009

Having recommended some game to movie adaptations, Harry now gets his red pencil out and picks the games filmmakers should avoid...

Top 10 impossible spaces (bigger on the inside than out) in films and TV

10 spaces bigger on the inside than out
Gaye Birch Top 10 Jul 21, 2009

A ranked list of uncommon objects and places that break the laws of dimensional space...

Top 10 battles of the sexes

Kathleen Turner Vs. Michael Douglas in The War Of The Roses (1989)
Martin Anderson Top 10 Jul 20, 2009

Okay, no hair pulling, no hitting below the belt…ahh, who are we kidding? This is WAR…