Latest Movie Top 10s

Top 10 film noir

Leila de Top 10 Nov 30, 2009

Leila offers her take on the 10 finest examples of film noir...

Top 10 Disney theatrical animated features

10 Great Disney films
Carley Tauchert Top 10 Nov 3, 2009

Carley chooses what she thinks are the 10 best traditional Disney animated films of all time. Do you agree?

10 things to watch at Halloween

Matt Haigh Top 10 Oct 29, 2009

Matt digs through his collection of movies and TV programmes, and selects 10 choices for a perfect Halloween evening's viewing...

10 franchises that are likely to be resurrected in the next 10 years

Simon Brew Top 10 Oct 14, 2009

The Hollywood remake and reimagining machine has been busy of late — and we’ve found ten franchises that it’s all-but-certainly got its eye on…

10 inspired voice actor castings

Gaye Birch Top 10 Sep 28, 2009

Gaye selects ten of the finest voice characterisations to make it to the movies...

Top 10 movie re-edits

Play it again. Matt...
Martin Anderson Top 10 Sep 22, 2009

Here are the films that benefited from a loving second-look in the editing suite...

Top 10 unmade DC films

James Hunt Top 10 Sep 17, 2009

DC comics have a vast stable of characters to offer moviedom...and perhaps it's even time for the Boy Wonder to go it alone...?

Top 10 unmade Marvel films

The clashes of Titans to come...
James Hunt Top 10 Sep 15, 2009

With thousands of characters to choose from, here are the lesser-touted Marvel heroes most likely to get our ticket-stubs...

Top 10 Steve Martin films

Simon Brew Top 10 Sep 8, 2009

Simon reckons Steve Martin remains one of the funniest men on the planet. And here's his choice of the great man's best 10 films...

Top 10 most ridiculous falls from a great height

"I may be dropping by soon, darling..."
Martin Anderson Top 10 Aug 17, 2009

Take the plunge with us into Hollywood's hardest-to-swallow freefall extravaganzas...