MGM picks up rights to Tomb Raider reboot

News Simon Brew
28 Mar 2013 - 06:39
Tomb Raider

Lara Croft is on her way back to the big screen, as MGM picks up the rights to Tomb Raider movies...

It's little secret that a reboot of the Tomb Raider cinematic franchise has been in development for a while now, with the project being shepherded along by GK Films. However, it might just be that the whole idea has had a shot in the arm, courtesy of the really rather successful release of the latest videogame, which has proven to be the best Tomb Raider title in a long, long time.

Is it coincidence then, we wonder, that following the warm reception to the new Tomb Raider, that MGM has now officially picked up the rights to the new movie version? We'd imagine that the studio was just waiting to see how the game fared before pressing forward with the deal, but it's now pushed whatever button it needs to push on its posh movie deal making control board.

As such, MGM will develop the new Tomb Raider film alongside GK Films, although there's still some way to go before the film definitely presses ahead. Putting together a working screenplay, and finding a director are the next hurdles. We'll keep you posted...


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