Thor 3 pressing ahead, writers hired

News Simon Brew
30 Jan 2014 - 06:31

Writers have been hired by Marvel for the follow-up to Thor: The Dark World...

Just over a day since we heard that Marvel was already at work on Captain America 3 - you can read that story here - comes the news that Thor 3 is already in the works as well. It's not the most surprising story of the year, as around the release of Thor: The Dark World there was already chatter of a further sequel. Furthermore, Thor 2 went on to outgross its predecessor by nearly $200m at the worldwide box office.

Marvel itself has broken the news that not only is Thor 3 happening, but it's also got a pair of screenwriters on board. The new film is set to be penned by Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost. Kyle was one of the producers of Thor: The Dark World, whilst Yost co-penned the script for it.

That's three of Marvel's phase three movies pretty much confirmed then. Ant-Man is the first, Captain America 3 is coming, and now Thor 3 is in place. We just need the confirmation of Doctor Strange, and we'll have the set (given that they'll lead up to the already-confirmed The Avengers 3).

We would imagine that Thor 3 will be a 2016 release, but don't hold us to that. Here's the full story over at Marvel.

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