Joss Whedon did rewrite work on Thor: The Dark World

News Simon Brew 19 Sep 2013 - 07:04

Thor 2 director Alan Taylor reveals that Joss Whedon did just a little tinkering with the Thor: The Dark World script...

When you've got a film that needs a little bit of extra help, it's always handy to have the mighty Joss Whedon on the payroll somewhere. That certainly seems to have been the case with Thor: The Dark World, as director Alan Taylor has revealed in a new interview with SFX.

Taylor revealed in the new issue of the magazine that "Joss came in to save our lives a couple of times. We had a major scene that was not working on the page at all in London, and he basically got airlifted in like a SWAT team or something. He came down, rewrite the scene, and before he got back to this plane, I sort of grabbed him and said 'and this scene and this scene?'"

Whedon went on to rewrite two other scenes, and in Taylor's words, those moments turned out "much better and much lighter on their feet".

Not momentous rewrites then, but enough to help with the tuning and tinkering on the movie. We'll keep you posted as to where the one-man geek re-writing SWAT team that is Joss Whedon lands next.

Thor: The Dark World arrives in UK cinemas on October 30th.


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Joss Whedon is getting the acclaim and attention that he should have been getting his whole career. Good for him.

If only he got the same chance to tinker with IM3! (Which I enjoyed, but Shane Black has given Whedon a few issues to deal with in Avengers 2.)

but at least he can say he has worked for it and does desrve it, which in turn only make him better! unlike some i could add

Since Joss Whedon is creative supervisor/overseer for the entire of Phase 2, I doubt he's allowed Shane Black to write him into a corner. While the film is definitely Shane Black's baby - his vision - I doubt there's anything in the film that wasn't Whedon-approved before release, especially any of the bigger twists and turns of the story. Each film belongs to its director and their team, but everything under the Phase 2 banner will definitely be contributing towards Joss's vision for Avengers 2. :)

That being the case, I can only surmise that he approved Tony getting rid of the arc reactor and playing up his 'tinkering'/mechanic skills as the set-up for Ultron. No longer actively operating as Iron Man, Tony creates Ultron to replace the gap he has left in The Avengers, but it goes horribly wrong. With access to certain files/protocols contained in the Stark database, he takes down the rest of The Avengers (think JLA's Tower Of Babel crossed with Civil War), forcing Stark to inject himself with a modified version of the Extremis virus, that bonds him to his latest creation, the Mk43 (Extremis) Armour.

Hopefully, whatever the story, Tony's armour in Avengers 2 will be somewhat more robust and fit-for-purpose than the Mk42 :-/

I'd watch the **** out of that.

He also stood in for Hemsworth on occasion, according to Twitter: "Internet blithely oversells my tinkering on @ThorMovies script -- & FAILS to mention my body doubling for Hemsworth!"

But how to tie up some of the threads left hanging in Iron Man 3 in Avengers 2 without making it, effectively, Iron Man 4? And still find the screentime to introduce Pietro and Wanda?

If anyone can do it though, Whedon can.

I for one am excited

I too would observe four asterisks out of the above-described moving picture


I wholeheartedly agree. I don't actually think it is possible to paint Whedon into a corner and I look forward to seeing where he takes Tony after IM3. Where he might struggle is the screentime he will have to devote to reintroducing Iron Man in his new condition, re-establishing the basis of his powers and, to a lesser extent, his motivation, after the events of IM3, without turning Avengers 2 into IM4. And still have enough screentime left to introduce two completely new characters, Wanda and Pietro.

That is unless he resolves how Tony can still function as Iron Man without the arc reactor and his armoury destroyed alongside the other plot elements. (I'm a lifelong fan of the comics; I know Tony has been in a similar situation before, many times, but these are questions even casual movie-goers will expect answers to.)

I think he'll do this by tying Tony's story arc closely to Ultron, as suggested above. And I can't wait to see the results.

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