Extended trailer for Thor: The Dark World

Trailer Simon Brew 18 Sep 2013 - 06:58

A few little bits of footage grace an extended look at the upcoming Marvel film, Thor 2...

Marvel's next movie, Thor: The Dark World, begins its worldwide rollout in cinemas at the end of next month, and inevitably, you can expect the publicity campaign to step up a further gear in the weeks ahead.

Here's the latest fruits of that: an extended trailer for Thor: The Dark World. It's basically the second full trailer that was previously released, embellished with some extra material. There's not much more we can say to add to that, so here you go...

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Well that kicks a massive amount of ass.

I fairly sure a man in his 30's shouldn't be this excited for a comicbook film

trousers creamed

Looks epic.
Further evidence of the massive work DC have ahead to lift their films to a similar level.

What did Greenwich ever do to deserve such destruction?

Try 40! ;)

Easy to be smug when you have a magic hammer

Going to be out of this world (pardon the pun).

Nearly 50! Thor was always my favourite Marvel comic when I was a boy - it's only fitting that I should enjoy it again as I regress back into childhood.

I've just peed a little

Nope I ain't watching it

I could be totally wrong, but at 29seconds, the other prisoners in the opposite cell look like the Guardians of the Galaxy...? The outline and uniforms look like it could be them. Any merit in this? Why would they be banged up?

Of the post Avengers films, I'm actually looking forward to this a lot more than I was IM3. The trailer has just ramped up my desire to see it.

p.s. I hope it doesn't end with Thor relating the story to Banner.....Hulk on the other hand!!!!!

It's not. Look more like Dark Elves or something.

Excited... how about a woman, and not a young bebopper. Yep Thor, always my favorite too. This is a good trailer.

best you wear a nappy then when you go see the film!

And a spare!

What's new exactly?

Poor London. Always seems to catch the brunt of it these days...

Even in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer!! I was only there for a holiday last month - might avoid the place from now on.

Same here. I nipped into WHSmith to pick up Avengers & Spider Man comics the other day, much to my mum's dismay (who had offered to pay for my 'magazines' before she saw what I was buying).

Cue muttering at the checkout "A grown man.... supposed to be for children... not in my day... etc"

A little Hulk cameo would be awesome.

I just dug into this, but isn't Galactus not also from before the universe? I know, he's in a straglehold at FOX, but still...

yeah man, i aint feeling this

I meant I ain't watching the trailer, the movie I will watch. Thor's my least favorite though. He was great in Avengers, but who wasn't? His movie Thor though was not all that great to me.

I'm going to Thor-oughly enjoy it... Check, please?

so looking forward to this as I really think Thor has translated well to the big screen

"You want me to put the hammer down?!"

It looks great. I only hope there are enough scenes of Thor driving his F1 car around Asgard.

Good also to see that Marshal Stacker Pentecost is on hand, hopefully with some giant jaegers to take on the baddies.

Thor was the only one of the Avengers I was dubious of, but the first film won me over. And I knew Hemsworth could be a star after his indelible take on Captain Kirk's dad.

It will be particularly interesting watching this movie after Rush, which will add to his luster as an international star and get American attention as an Oscar candidate film, comes out.

oh dude sorry, haha, funny how i mistook your comment :) haha

It's all good, I'm really watching it because he's an avenger

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