Thor: The Dark World round-up

News Simon Brew 4 Jul 2013 - 06:28

Just a quick collection of the latest stories surrounding Marvel's Thor: The Dark World, starring Chris Hemsworth...

The next Marvel movie to head to cinemas, Thor: The Dark World, has had a little bit of a bumpy time if you believe some of the rumours doing the rounds. There have been unconfirmed reports of director Alan Taylor and Marvel clashing over the length of the movie's final cut, with reportedly the former favouring a much longer film that than the studio.

We've no fresh light to shine on that, but we do have a round-up of Thor news from the past week or two.

Firstly, the man originally set to score Thor: The Dark World, Carter Burwell, has left the project. In his place, it's now been confirmed that Brian Tyler is on scoring duties. Tyler scored Iron Man 3 really rather well, you may recall. We love that Marvel is committed to good, bold scores for its films too, and look forward to hearing what Tyler comes up with this time.

Next? Marvel has confirmed, although it's not a massive surprise, that it's going to take both Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier to Comic-Con this year. Expect footage from both to be screened. Don't be surprised if a trailer to at least one of them surfaces, too.

And then, a new image for the film has appeared, with Rene Russo looking suitably stern...

The film is still scheduled for release in the UK first, on 30th October 2013. The US release will follow on 8th November.

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There's been no mention of the rumours that Captain America might appear in Thor as a cameo. I'm guessing that's not happening now. Hopefully if Alan Taylor doesn't get his longer cut green lit then they'll release a director's cut.

Frigga appears to have pinched Bilbo's sword...

Why do films keep getting released here first? Im not complaining cuz i think its brilliant. Just wondered why. Is it to create hype before the US release?

Interesting that this one is kind of bumpy so far.

Brian Tyler should be a great as the composer, though I also enjoy Carter Burwell's work.

Alan Taylor of course won a Directors Guild award for his direction of the brilliant Mad Men pilot, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes. Not that that had a lot to do with "Shakespeare in the park," as T. Stark calls the Asgardian aspect of the Avengers universe.

Rene has an awfully big kitchen knife in that photo, with Natalie looking, well, scared ...


I don't understand it either? If anywhere you'd think China would get the movies first, since that's the market that everyone wants to corner.

It also just doesn't make any damn sense in this day and age to stagger release dates. The Internet is a thing, so even if your film isn't recorded and put online within a week of its premiere (and two weeks before its release in the US), you've just made it nearly impossible to keep spoilers from leaking out. Everyone who goes on the Internet is going to know all the twists and turns of your movie just because of idle chatter from those who got to see it first.

It's like the announcement that "Sherlock" isn't going to be released to America until next year; why the hell would you do that? NO ONE is going to wait for something that they can easily stream or download the day it's released.

They should also focus on Malaysia. The bloody love superheroes over here.

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