First trailer for Thor: The Dark World

Trailer Simon Brew 23 Apr 2013 - 08:22

Chris Hemsworth returns as Thor, as the first trailer for Thor: The Dark World lands...

Playing ahead of screenings of Iron Man 3, which begins its global roll-out this week, the first trailer for Marvel's next 'phase two' movie, Thor: The Dark World, has just landed.

The movie has been directed by Game Of Thrones' Alan Taylor, and Chris Hemsworth is reprising the title role. Joining him are Natalie Portman, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Tom Hiddleston, Christopher Eccelston and Zachary Levi, amongst others.

And you know what? That first trailer has just turned up online too. Take a look at it below. Thor: The Dark World arrives in UK cinemas from 30th October, and it's out in the US the week after...

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It's looks brilliant!

Smashing! And what a cute La Gioconda impersonation from Tom Hiddleston. Wonderful :D

It's good that the Thor films feel quite different to the other Marvel series.

Looks good. A bit, er, epic. And dark. With a really big hammer.

2 things:

1. I was half expecting Loki to start espousing the benefits of fava beans and a nice chianti.

and 2. Kat Dennings was in London and I was not aware of this!!!!!!! *sigh* bang goes my opportunity for a nice stalking moment. Dammit!

Not a great trailer in all honesty, very by the numbers and only the last few seconds with Loki generated much excitement.

Nice! I loved that last bit with you-know-who saying "How desperate are you?" I would have personally followed that up with "To call on such a lost creature to defend me?" :P

Set in it!

Not a bad tease. Very little plot information given away. Does look quite Game of Thronesy...which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

So the trailer looks like the greatest “metal” music video ever made starring David Beckham and Russell Brand.

Honestly…. Actually pretty excited. I did think this would be the
weaker of the returning heroes, but this has peaked my interest.


seems to be an exciting movie, but ... while watching I could not help but think that is very reminiscent of the trailer for Star Trek ... is that all, every superhero movie has to be "dark"? Iron Man, Thor, and Star Trek (not superheroes I know) have to be so ... how to say ... trying to be Batman?? is getting really annoying

and stop destroying London! please, I hate it when destroying historical landmarks.

Looks good. I wonder how many lines Rene Russo will get in this one?

Is it me, or does this trailer seem to ditch the more fantasy feel of the first film for a more sci-fi element? We're seeming more spaceships and lasers... Quite Avengers-esque you might say.

Don't get me wrong, it looks good, but I'd prefer it tried to sequel the tone of Thor and sequel the tone of the Avengers.

Also, it is testament to how phenomenally well Tom Hiddleston has done with this part that over the course of two films it has turned from a fairly major character in a side-film, to arguable the best performance of the biggest film of last year, to so anticipated in the sequel that they save a little clip of him for last in the trailer because they know a glimpse of him will get us more excited than a minute and a half of Thor.

Loki = girl

To me that's the tone that Thor and Avengers were trying to do. Move the fantasy elements into a space where they are more expected alongside Sci FI elements. This just seems like an extension of that.

Lots of planets have a north... turns out Svartalheim does, too!

Did you watch G.I. Joe yet?

To be fair, I think the Asgardian "magic" isn't magic per se anyway, right? "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

Yes, this is true, but the tone of the film isn't about the details of the lore, it is about the way it has been directed. The first film was at pains to show that the magic wasn't magic, but it was being depicted as a magic-fantasy epic. Its too early to tell, obviously, but this initial trailer has more of the tone of a sci-fi than a fantasy. That is fine, of course, I'm just a little peeved that a small niche that isn't regularly written for in the mainstream like fantasy might be being twisted here.

Fair enough. It would be challenging to bring a (I realize how silly this will likely sound) science/reality-base superhero franchise (yup, silly!) like the Avengers and couple it with a fantasy-ish character like Thor. I never really thought Thor as terribly fantasy-ish to be honest, aside from the getups and weapons, what kind of fantasy elements have there really been?

Disclaimer: I'm a casual "fan" of Thor and comics in general, so certainly not deeply versed in the character's history.

See, this is what I loved about the Avengers. It is a landmark film, the first of its kind. It completely ignored conventional boundaries like genre and tone, and just said "This guy is based in science, having built himself a suit. This guy is the Norse God of Thunder. This guy is Dr Jekell and Mr Hyde for the 21st Century. These are two spy-assassins, one of which has been magic-brainwashed. This is a WWII veteran super-soldier. Now lets just slam them all together and watch the dynamics play out". So real to the feel of the comics.

This allows Thor to be as fantasy as the comics are, which the first film did without even feeling the need to explain itself. Rainbow bridge, Mjolnnir, they all wear capes and horned helmets and speak in Shakespearian English and battle Jormungandr. Why? Shut up, why, and get involved, this is awesome. I may just be leaping to conclusions by thinking this trailer verged on the sci-fi, but I just hope that it doesn't. Still very excited for this film.

"Shut up, why, and get involved, this is awesome."

That sums up my feelings as well. Can't wait!!

I think you might be judging it too harshly. I saw a lot of fantasy influences particularly with Game of Thrones in terms of the background. Anyway, I think the finished film will be be impressive. Hemsworth is a really great lead and Tom Hiddleston is just a fantastic actor full stop.

At least it wasn't the Houses of Parliament or the London Eye this time.

Could be they fight Grendel and the mother of all monsters, could be they fight Storm Troopers. Thing is, since Avengers, whch cannot be ignored, the threats MUST be worse than before. You don't fight Vikings with Vikings: you fight em with tanks. And laser cannons. And if the Vikings are the good guys, then hopefully one of them has a magic hammer.

Looks OK, but Loki. . .again?

The 1:30 mark of the trailer was probably the most exciting to me - I honestly thought Loki was easily the most rounded, and human, character of any of the Avenger lead-ups. It will be nice to see him again.

It certainly seems like Marvel phase 2 films are taking on a darker edge to them, Iron Man 3 seems to have a darker twist to it than previous outings, now Thor 2 seems to be grander and have a slightly harder edge to it. Not to mention the whole espionage idea for Captain America 2.....I personally am very excited about the Phase 2 films :-D

If you're setting the story in Asgard, you can't exactly sidestep the character. It would be somewhat odd to have Asgard under attack or at war, and not check in on the guy who wanted to exterminate an entire world of Asgard's enemies in order to prove that he was loyal to Asgard over his biological Ice Giant father.

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