New set photos from Thor: The Dark World

News Simon Brew 13 Nov 2012 - 07:33

Chris Hemsworth is back in action on set of the Thor sequel, Thor: The Dark World…

Production on Thor 2 is pretty continuing, with a few weeks of work left as the movie’s shoot takes place in London. And Chris Hemsworth, as you might expect, has been waving his hammer around again in the Alan Taylor-directed sequel.

These new shots that have popped up don’t reveal anything particularly spoiler-y, unless you count Hemsworth reappearing and getting into a fight as something you don’t want to know. The film itself is out in November 2013.

We’ll have more news on Thor: The Dark World as we get it. Here are those pictures, then…


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Thor-oughly interesting. Oh, and first...people still do that, right?

I'm glad they got Chris Hemsworth, he is such a perfect casting for the role of Thor. The guy is like a tank.

No, Barry. No they don't.

a dreamy dreamy tank.

Aah, the slightly muddy grass fields of Asgard. Thor's greatest threat yet? You decide.

Where's his helmet?

So good to see him back in the role. He's brings such likability to the role.

The guys want to buy him a beer and the women want to...well, I'll leave it to them to say what they want to do with him. (Fifty Shades of Thunder?)

He seems to be yawning a couple of times there.

Must be pretty boring being Thor then?

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