Idris Elba returning for Thor 2

News Simon Brew
17 Jan 2012 - 06:55
Idris Elba

Heimdall will be back on board for Thor 2, although Idris Elba confirms that he’s had no involvement in The Avengers to date…

A mighty congratulations to Mr Idris Elba is clearly due, given that he won a Golden Globe yesterday for his leading performance in the TV show, Luther.

Luther is going to be returning for a third series, and Elba has now confirmed to MTV that he’s also going to be reprising the role of Heimdall in Thor 2.

Thor 2 for sure”, Elba said, “we’re going at it again…”

At the same time, Elba also revealed that he hadn’t been involved at all in The Avengers movie, so there doesn’t seem much chance we’ll get a fleeting cameo appearance from Heimdall in that.

More on the story at MTV, here.

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