Tom Hiddleston talks Thor 2

News Glen Chapman
14 Dec 2011 - 21:22
Tom Hiddleston

During publicity rounds for War Horse Tom Hiddleston has discussed the sequel to Thor, and his disappointment at Kenneth Branagh declining to return.

One of the big highlights from Thor was Tom Hiddleston’s turn as Loki. Whilst he’s far from the most physically imposing foe in the Marvel cinematic universe, he worked a treat in the movie, and a large part of that is the quality of Hiddleston’s performance. For despite being the clear antagonist, there were shades of grey to his character that made him a villain that you were able to empathise with.

We know that he will reprise the role in the upcoming The Avengers film, but for the time being he has Steven Spielberg’s War Horse to promote. However, questions have inevitably had a Marvel flavour to them.

One of the key talking points is the fact that Kenneth Branagh wouldn’t be returning, and here’s what the actor had to say about it:

“You know, initially, I was sad that he wasn't coming back. When I had heard that he had chosen not to come I was very sad because I'm so proud of his achievements in directing that film. But, then, I understand why. He's very busy and he's got other things that he wants to do as an artist. As a director and as an actor.”

“And Marvel is so clever, they know their own metal. They know how to do the comic book stuff. Car explosions and all the CGI and stuff, but they need someone who has a really great handle on story and actors and the muscularity of performance.”

As yet we’re still yet to know who will take helm of Thor 2, but whoever it is has a tough act to follow.


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