Game Of Thrones director for Thor 2?

News Simon Brew
5 Aug 2011 - 07:23

Kenneth Branagh won't be directing Marvel's Thor 2. But one of the directors of Game Of Thrones might be...

Thus far, we’ve known two things about Thor 2. Firstly, that it’s going to happen. And secondly, that Kenneth Branagh wasn’t going to come back and direct it.

With Marvel setting a release date of July 26th 2013 for the return of Thor, that meant it needed to move quickly to find a new director. And it might have just done that.

According to Variety, Brian Kirk is in negotiations to helm the new film. Kirk is best known for directing television shows, such as Dexter, Luther and Boardwalk Empire. And there’s the small matter of three instalments of Game Of Thrones that he also helmed.

Production, we suspect, will start early next year on the film. And you can read more on this story at Variety, here.

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