Thor 2 planned for 2013, no Kenneth Branagh

News Simon Brew
1 Jul 2011 - 06:39

Thor 2 is definitely happening, is definitely set for July 2013, and is definitely going to need a new director…

With fine reviews under its belt, a solid box office performance and a DVD and Blu-ray release to come this September, Marvel will feel quite contet that it won its gamble to bring Thor to the big screen.

Much of the credit for how the film turned out has landed at the feet of director, Kenneth Branagh, an unusual choice for the project, but one that really paid dividends. However, next time around, Marvel will be needing to find someone else.

Deadline is reporting that Kenneth Branagh won't be back to direct Thor 2, and that his exit from the project was "mutual and amicable".

Furthermore, Thor 2 has been given a firm release date, with the movie due on July 26th 2013. That means we'll get three consecutive summers of Chris Hemsworth as Thor, given that he's also turning up in next year's The Avengers.

There's more on the story at Deadline, here.

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