Thor: The Dark World - two new images

News Ryan Lambie 22 Apr 2013 - 11:04

Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman appear in two new images from the set of Thor: The Dark World...

In the hectic relay race that is the Marvel cinematic universe, the international release of Iron Man 3 over the next few weeks appears to mark the beginning of Thor 2's marketing campaign. Late last week, we were treated to the first poster for The Dark World, and it's widely thought that its first trailer will be arriving in a matter of days too.

To stoke the flames of anticipation still further, here are two new images from Thor 2's production. The first is fairly predictable stuff: Chris Hemsworth as Thor, clutching his hammer, and pulling the sort of stern impression that implies he's about to clobber someone over the head with it.

The second image is rather more revealing, in that it shows Thor in a relatively buoyant mood, and enjoying a quiet sit down with his human love interest, Jane (a returning Natalie Portman). They're clearly in Asgard, which is a bit of an exotic holiday for Jane. What are they smiling about? Have they shared a private joke about their cloaks, or maybe that handsome pot in the background? Maybe we'll never know.

Thor: The Dark World is scheduled for release on the 30th October in the UK. Hurrah! 

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I really like that image of Jane in Asgard. Pretty exciting that she will be allowed there (I'm actually glad she is going to be in the movie at all considering how she wasn't in The Avengers even though it was a very Thor-heavy plot).

Hmm... looks like Thor and Loki are teaming up to fight some bigger bad, judging by the stance (reminiscent of the Avengers team photo just before it all kicks off)

Yes, they confirmed that Loki will have some pretty major battles himself, because all of Asgard share the Dark Elves as enemies and Thor can't fight them alone

Very Thor heavy plot? Are you mental? He is barely in it.

Well, in the movie characterisation, Loki views himself as being unfairly punished for demonstrating his loyalty to Asgard (i.e. killing his biological father in front of his adopted Asgardian father, and then trying to exterminate the rest of the Ice Giants), and even in his more maniacal characterisation in the Avengers he refers to himself as the rightful ruler of Asgard, so you'd expect him to side with Asgard against a foreign invasion.

They were never going to be able to afford Portman in The Avengers. She's at the height of her career, and unlikely to take the time out from other work to do a cameo like Paltrow did, nor would most A-graders (it hasn't been that long since her 'best actress' Oscar for Black Swan) be interested in being the background scenery while RDJ and Chris Evans get all the focus.

In the Thor franchise they don't have to find time for quite so many other lead characters, and they can offer her the leading actress gig. I can't think of many films after her career took off where Portman has accepted anything less than lead or 1st supporting actress, so short of shoehorning her directly into the main ensemble that largely rules out any possibility of her appearing in an Avengers film.

Thor as a character doesn't get as much screen time as Iron Man or Captain America (though "barely in it" is a bit of a stretch), but it's his storyline and world that controls the plot. Loki, the Tessarect - Asgard is all over the Avengers and the central conflict was still the warring brothers, carried on from the Thor film. Just because RDJ and Ruffalo get the best lines, doesn't mean it isn't a Thor-heavy plot.

Thor 1 was surprisingly good. Good humor between the two leads. And the great thing about Portman being in Thor 2 is she can use her old Padme costumes in the Asgard sequences.

Also confirmed: beards and funny helmets for extras.

Oh no he's only gone and taken her to Asgard. Why couldn't he instead take the one off Two Broke Girls?

My question is, how the hell did Thor get back to Earth in The Avengers? I hope we get an answer in this film

The Allfather (Odin) summoned a lot of dark magic to get him back. It is mentioned briefly when Thor and Loki are arguing on the mountain/hill thing after Thor steals him from the plane headed back to the Helicarrier.

awesome. He took her to space!

It's a real testament to how brilliant Avengers is that everyone just accepts this. If the film had been poor, this would have outraged geekdom the world over for being anticlimactic or cheap. As it is, we don't give a stuff! I love it! :D

I hope Portman has a better part this time round. The only thing I disliked about Thor was it seemed like a waste of Portman's talents. Alan Taylor seems to be very good with working with actresses so he might give her more to do.

Anyone else spotted Loki in the background of the first picture?

Only everyone that looked at it.

My feelings exactly. It was a really corny, nay lazy, way to get him back. But because the film is so awesome, we don't care!

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