Zachary Levi for Thor 2

News Simon Brew 11 Jun 2012 - 06:22

It looks like Joshua Dallas is out, and Zachary Levi is in, where Thor 2 is concerned...

There’s continued progress on Marvel’s Thor 2 movie, which has long-since confirmed Game Of Thrones’ Alan Taylor as its director. We know too that Chris Hemsworth is back in the title role, with Natalie Portman amongst the returnees, too. But one person who won’t be back is Joshua Dallas.

Dallas played Fandral in the first movie, but his commitments to the TV show Once Upon A Time mean that he can’t work the schedule to reprise the role in the follow-up. Interestingly, this has opened the door for Chuck star Zachary Levi, who is reportedly in negotiations to take over the part. The interesting part is that Levi was originally up for the role when the casting for the first film came around, but his own commitments to the TV show Chuck prevented him taking that interest further.

Thor 2 is scheduled for release on November 8th 2013. We’ll keep you posted…

The Hollywood Reporter.

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I think Zachary Levi is great, but I would rather he was given a new character instead of replacing Dallas

What are they doing? Are they trying to wreck the movie already, for goodness sake there are no other Valhallans?

Really? I love Chuck, but is he really right for this part? Wasn't Stuart Townsend (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen's Dorian Gray) originally up for the part in the first installment? Surely he would have been a better fit for the part? (And yes, I know that's a lot of questions, but they're partly rhetorical.)

The Warriors Three should only return if they're given something more to do.  They were underused in the original, I felt.

I would like to see Levi play Balder more than Fandral and get someone cast as as Tyr and Hela too.

It was actually zach who is originally cast as fandral, but when chuck got additional episode during season 3 he drop out of the production, where afterward he was replaced by Townsend, then Townsend got replaced by Dallas, cause of "creative" differences between him and the director.

 I could see Levi as a good Balder, or at least as good as he would be to play an asgardian at all.  He's great as Chuck, but i have never seen him perform anything else, so it's hard to visualize his range.

this might seem leftfield, but I think Adam Copeland (former wrestler, the edge) would make a good asgardian.  I saw him in Haven, and was wary that they had hired a wrestler to be in the show, but he stole every scene he was in and was a natural in front of the camera.  and he is a giant who looks like a warrior, yet affable.

Ha. Creative differences between Townsend and a director! Seems to be a  recurring theme with Townsend.

You mean you haven't seen Alvin and the Chipmunks 2? :)

OMG Omniaural, was that him? Quickly searches for torrent

 I have to admit with shamedface and a hearty lament that I have not had that unique pleasure.

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