New trailer for This Is The End

Trailer Simon Brew 2 Apr 2013 - 06:34

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg direct, with James Franco, Emma Watson and Jonah Hill on board, in This Is The End. Here's the new trailer.

For their directorial debut, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have decided to go to the end of the world. Pretty much literally, as their upcoming comedy takes place with Los Angeles under siege, and the world falling apart. In the midst of all this, there's a big party happening (with some impressive cameos), although the realisation of just what's happening doesn't seem to take long to sink in.

A brand new red band trailer for This Is The End, then, has just been released, and we should do our civic duty and warn you that it has some rude words in it. If you're too young, or if your ears are offended by bad language, it's best not to click on the trailer below. Furthermore, if you never want to see Emma Watson as anyone other than Hermione from Harry Potter, it's best to stay away too. If, however, you're slightly older than young, and/or a champion cusser, click away!

This Is The End is released in June.

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Actually looks quite funny....!

this looks so silly it will be a bit of light relief!
I like the angle there taking

I love that they're playing fictional versions of themselves

Lol. If you want me to t!tty f*ck you, I'll t!tty f*ck you.

This looks amazing. Pleasantly surprised!

I feel they've made a big mistake in dropping the Emma Watson punchline in the trailer. I'd be like showing Les Grossman in the Tropic Thunder trailer, it was funny enough with out it and would of been a great surprise.

The most shocking moment of my life came when I was in America and discovered that their Milky Way is actually a Mars bar.

American here, and wtf???

This from Wikipedia about the Mars Bar: "Mars (also Mars bar) is a chocolate bar manufactured by Mars, Incorporated. It was first manufactured inSlough, Berkshire in the United Kingdom in 1932 as a sweeter version of the US Milky Way bar which Mars, Inc. produced (not to be confused with the European version of Milky Way, which is similar to the US 3 Musketeers)."

"In the United States, a different confection bears the Mars bar name. Featuring nougat, soft caramel, and almonds coated in milk chocolate"

Why do they make is so confusing??? So your Mars bar is a sweeter US Milky Way, and your Milky Way is a 3 Musketeers??????

Despite the serious lack of a plot outside of the obvious, as would be expected, this looks brilliant and its very impressive that they got loads of Hollywood stars to film cameos, possibly simultaneously. Can't wait

Absolute madness isn't it? How can the United Nations be worrying about Iran and North Korea when they haven't even sorted this basic stuff out?

I didn't recognize her actually, I had to rewind (heh) and double check. could be a brilliantly disguised biopic, in disguise.

Agreed. This looks far more fun than the recent trailer for "Filth".

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