New red band trailer for This Is 40

Trailer Simon Brew 11 Dec 2012 - 06:31

Here's the final trailer for Judd Apatow's sort-of Knocked Up sequel, This Is 40...

Judd Apatow's fourth film as a director sees him visiting Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd's characters from Knocked Up, in This Is 40. It doesn't actually arrive in the UK until Valentine's Day (where it'll be doing battle with A Good Day To Die Hard), but its US release is imminent, hence the release of a new red band trailer.

We're really looking forward to this one, too. Apatow's last film, Funny People, may not have been a massive hit, but it remains an underrated and underappreciated one. Early reviews for This Is 40 suggests he may have a bigger hit on his hands this time.

Here's the red band trailer for it, then. If you're of an impressionable age, don't click on the play button below...

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Looks terrific! Apatow gets a lot of stick, especially for sticking his wife in his films, but I find Mann endearing and quite cute, but I love the playfulness of his work, combined with the gross. ...and yes for more Chris O'Dowd!

Hardly Red Band

when that put that "honest" word in a movie review... you are in for some awkward sucking.

Dear God...

That was supposed to be funny????????????? I mean..FUNNY? I like a laugh like the next person, but what is it about Americans, and their total obsession with their own arses? Every single American comedy in the last 10 - 15 years has some bit in it, where they go on and on and on about their behinds/ butt holes or whatever. SouthPark has episodes devoted to it, Mr Hanky etc...Family Guy does it, and so on.. I know its toilet humour, and some of it is pretty damn hilarious, the Jeff Daniels scene in Dumb and Dumber with the laxatives and broken toilet is HIDEOS...but still funny at the same time. But that trailer gives a new meaning to the word crapfest. I do not want to see an unfunny idiot in stupid pants with his legs in the air checking his bits with a mirror. Its NOT funny its just horrible and ugly. Before anyone says anything I knew it was a red band trailer. Its just the rest of it was not that funny either. have seen the trailer, that will have the funny bits in it, and now you have seen the film. Some Comedys are genuinely funny, and some are not...same as many things in life I suppose....I am off to open my advent calendar and book my Hobbit ticket.....

Paul Rudd has such a way with words "It's like a plant trying to reach the sun". Great to see Maude and Iris Apatow getting recognition after being in nearly every one of their father's films in the last 6-7 years or so. Cannot wait

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